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    Are IKEA LADDA Batteries Really Eneloop Pro?

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    I hate throwing things away unnecessarily, but rechargeables are typically either overpriced or underperforming. On a lark, I decided to compare the leading Eneloop brand NiMH batteries to IKEA’s bargain-priced competition to see if I could find a good solution for both price and quality. As such, I built an Arduino-based battery capacity tester and put them to the test with surprising results!

    This was the video that really introduced me to a wide audience. My previous success, a review of The 8-Bit Guy Soundtrack, led my channel to modest growth, but this video was a runaway freight train--being picked up by several publications, leading to hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days! Interestingly, an acquaintance of mine saw this and felt the need to tell me that "Man, you remind me of Ben Heck".

    If I were to do it again, I might take more time and add a few other tests (as some have so graciously pointed out in the comments). More data points would, of course, create a better image, but I think a little detective work goes a long way!

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