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    Clem Mayer

    I'm Clem Mayer, a maker and 3D printing enthusiast. I'm a generalist in making, if an idea sparks in my head, I just start building it.  No matter if I already have the skills for the project, I learn them as I go. I live in the eastern part of Austria right in the middle of Europe, not to be confused with Australia. In the slightly over thirty years of my life I've built various projects and toured lots of Maker Faires in Austria and Germany with them.

    My first lurk into hacking stuff was in fact modding and building electric guitars, just because I wanted my guitar to be different. I soon realized , after building a few custom guitars, that I'm better at making stuff than playing those instruments.

    But my real first projects were PC game mods, in particular Wolfenstein 3d (which was illegal to own in Austria because of the WW2 theme), I  started modding it and making my own non ww2 themed versions  of that  game and shared it on floppy disks with hand drawn logos on them (I had no access to a printer). I can't remember when I started that but it  must have been around 1998/99.

    For me making started as a hobby, that soon became a passion and turned into a job.  After spending about ten years selling farming supplies, I quit my day job and became a full time Maker.


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    Overall my most favorite project is always the one I am currently building. I tend to pump my enthusiasm always in the ongoing projects and then move on to the next one.


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