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    Raising Awesome: Sean & Connor Miller

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    Sean & Connor Miller

    Sean Miller is a maintenance and reliability engineering team leader in the petroleum industry.  For his first 20 years, he was a control systems engineer, chemical engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, and maintenance and reliability leader in the chemical industry.

    From a small town in western Kentucky, his interest in “making” started with the 1983 show Whiz Kids.  After becoming fascinated with the mystique of hacking, he bought a discounted Commodore Vic 20 at Montgomery Wards.  For the next 8 years, he programmed every language that came along.  Ultimately, through a long bumpy road, this led to a career in engineering.

    His main hobby these days is bestowing skill sets in programming, robotics, music, residential building and repair, and auto mechanics to his son Connor.  As Connor and Sean started getting several projects under their belts, including building a full scale, semi-autonomous R2D2, the two thought, why not film the lessons and projects for other kids that might not have these experiences?  With that inspiration, the channel Raising Awesome was made to chronicle the next 9 years of Connor's developing "maker life".


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