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    A Capacitive Touch Tutorial

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    Prepare to drink from the firehose!  James opens this video with:

    "Push buttons do not work without pull-up or pull-down resistors."


    But what if you what a button without a physical button?

    If you need a brush-up on Pull-up resistors,

    check out this AddOhms Tutorial (also done by James).

    link to here

    In this video you'll learn about capacitors.

    Capacitors are, at their most basic, two conductive electrode plates separated by a non-conductive dielectric.


    An electric field forms between the plates. Different dielectric materials change how much charge can be stored in that field.


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    A dielectric (or dielectric material) is an electrical insulator that can be polarized by an applied electric field.

    In this video you'll learn about:

    • the variables to consider in defining capacitance
    • the equation for defining capacitance
    • how to measure capacitance in a circuit
    • and what is different about capacitance when designing with capacitive touch.


    James rounds out the video with a review of the TI CapTIvate Dev KitTI CapTIvate Dev Kit - which TI sent him to review.


    Have more questions on capacitance or the Texas Instruments kit?  Ask them in the comments below!