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    I was always interested to electronics, and also in making shorts. Unfortunately, until the advent of the video cameras (tape videos I mean :) ) it was extremely expensive and difficult to make short films, as well as distributing them to a decent audience, at least to have some kind of feedback. I moved playing on the first computers between 1978 and 1979. Initially accessing a PDP11 then buying my own first development board: the Rockwell AIM 65, based on the 6502 micro processor.

    Starting by the early 80's I had several opportunities to work with videos and I moved ahead making short films, animations, small productions in cooperation with some departments of the Turin University and more. During last 10 years I intensively used the video technology making video productions of exhibitions, events, concerts, documentaries and more. In the year 2006 I published the book in Italy "Girare un corto in digitale" (how to make a digital short-film). It was in that period that videomaking (and photography of course) joined my passion of electronic projects. Now I can't imagine a project of mine can be considered at least acceptable without a video showing the making-of and the making at work.


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