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    It started 18 years ago, Ben Heck arrived on the scene with his first Atari 2600 portable build, earning him a following and a show of his own. Now it’s time to bring things full circle. For the final build he’s decided to use the Atari 800, his first computer, as the basis of a final portable project!  It will be similar to his ZX Spectrum portable build, he’ll rip out all the chips to make his own circuit board.  Before he rides into the sunset, an old nemesis makes a return, but so does a familiar ally. Will the sinister Pie Face, whose DNA has been fused with Pie changing it to PNA, wreck havoc on Ben's storybook ending?  Get ready for closure, get ready for more Allison, in part 1 of the final build!


    Final Episode:


    Episode 351: The Final Project:  Atari 800 Handheld - Part 2


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