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    Wesley Gardner

    The year was 1990 and I was 10 years old.  We had recently gotten a VCR that I hooked up (it was a big deal since we use to rent the machine as well as the movies). My mom came home early from work one day to find the VCR in many pieces on the floor because I was curious on how it worked.

    I was always in awe of my grandparents 8mm projector and loved movie nights with them. My grandfather always showed me how things work, from cars to electronics. The old Hi-Fi player was his baby and he loved radios so we were always taking things apart and putting them together.  My grandfather’s willingness to show me how things worked and how to fix them encouraged my adventure and passion for all things broken and electronic.

    Back to my story, my mom walked in and started to freak out since my dad would be home in a few hours.  Instead of exploring on my dismantled VCR project further, I had to put it back together and prove to mom it still works. Let's just say I was grounded for a while. Since then, my love and excitement for electronics was so great I would often visit garage sales to buy old pong systems and radios just to play with them or see how they work and fix anything broken.

    My first video on YouTube was purely to help people out.  I was a manager of a video game store which also had a repair shop led by me of course.  Because I didn't have it monetized, I think I lost out at least a hundred bucks on it.  But the greater story was I did get my first pay for just over a $100.00.  Any extra income was awesome!  So I treated my family to a meal at a restaurant that I couldn’t regularly afford. Good things do come from helping others.  After that I thought to myself, hey I can make other videos to help people repair things.  I started with items I had lying around and what I could get for free or really cheap.


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