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    Doug Wong

    I grew up in a town in the jungles of South America—no TV, no electronics stores, but I was always interested in designing and building things. I love creative design in any field, but creatively designing things that can work and then making them work is even more satisfying than just creative design activities. When I got to university in Canada, I discovered electronics was a great way to satisfy my maker's itch, while helping my career at the same time. I spent my first bonus check on a Rockwell Aim65 and build peripherals for it, like video displays and sound synthesizers. My making activities accelerated as the Internet grew—it really boosted productivity and provided spectacular information. Then it resulted in very low cost electronic parts just as I became able to afford them a bit better, which all led to more hobby activities. element14 was/is also a great enabler, providing free electronics and test gear in their various programs. Hobby electronics also serves to keep me doing creative design and physically making things work, as I have been promoted to the point where my job is more involved in conceptual design than detailed design, when it involves design at all.

    I have a wide variety of interests outside of electronics including several sports. One of my interests is photography. My first foray into videography was at boarding school where I was the only kid with a super 8 movie camera. That crazy and intrepid high school footage (converted to digital media) has now reached legendary status at reunions.

    element14 was the catalyst that brought video and electronics together—I had previously been sticking to still photography due to the time requirements of video editing. Some of my favorite projects including a couple of robots, and several projects that resulted in patents, are not documented on video, so the best video examples of my work would be element14 projects where I do 40- 80 videos per year:.


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