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    Episode 416: DIY #3DPrinted Label Spooler

    Episode 415: Iron Man Helmet Heads Up Display

    Episode 414: Raspberry Pi 4 Experimental Resin 3D Printer

    Episode 413: Animatronic Claptrap Case Mod Part 2

    Episode 412: Get to Know Your ADC with a DIY Temperature Probe

    Episode 411: Animatronic Claptrap Computer Case - Part 1

    Episode 410: MacPro G5 Cheese Grater with Raspberry Pi 4

    Episode 409: Commodore SX-64 Restoration

    Episode 408: Hand Soldered LED Oscilloscope

    Episode 407: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi 4 Laptop

    Episode 406: Automated Robot Artist

    Episode 405: RC Ornithopter Concept

    Episode 404: Arduino Powered Close Encounters Midi Light Board

    Episode 403: Upcycled IoT Coffee Pot Ramen Maker

    Episode 402: PiPhone++ The Giant Raspberry Pi Flip Phone

    Episode 401: Matrix Voice Controlled Robot

    Episode 400: The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Stress Test

    Episode 399: Candle-Powered Robotl

    Episode 398: Let Me Out Hooman! Bluetooth Dog Doorbell

    Episode 397: Steam Powered Retropie Console

    Episode 396: Arduino Retro LED Matrix Handheld

    Episode 395: Raspberry Pi Stop Motion Machine

    Episode 394: Animatronic GLaDOS Head with Raspberry Pi

    Episode 393: GameBoy Walkman

    Episode 392: Multi-Line Telephone Intercom

    Episode 391: First Person View RC Car with PS2 Steering Wheel

    Episode 390: Retro Texting Smart Watch of the Future!

    Episode 389: PlayStation Classic Portable Prototype

    Episode 388: FPGA MIDI Music Synthesizer

    Episode 387: Rotocell - The Rotary Cell Phone of the Future!

    Episode 386: Xybernaut Wearable PC

    Episode 385: 20 PCB Design Pitfalls

    Episode 384: Retro Gaming Handheld Without a PCB

    Episode 383: Gameboy Wireless Link Cable (DMG1)

    Episode 382: Modding a Super 8 Camera into a Digital

    Episode 381: Reverse Music Box

    Episode 380: NES Zapper on RetroPie

    Episode 379: Macroscope Soldering Tool

    Episode 378: Invader ZIM Animatronic GIR

    Episode 377: Altair 8800 Replica

    Episode 376: 4D Gaming with the Matrix Creator

    Episode 375: Hacked Fetal Detector Music Synthesizer

    Episode 374: Raspberry Pi Donkey Kong Holiday Ornament

    Episode 373: Raspberry Pi Fallout Terminal PC

    Episode 372: Raspberry Pi Auto Etch A Sketch™

    Episode 371: FPGA "Game Genie" for Atari 2600

    Episode 370: Raspberry Pi NOAA Satellite Receiver

    Episode 369: Recreating the Atari Portfolio

    Episode 368: Arduino Automatic Wire Cutter and Stripper

    Episode 367: Most Useless IoT Device Ever - Part 2

    Episode 366: Infinity Icosahedron

    Episode 365: Twilight Zone Fortune Telling Machine

    Episode 364: Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality Arcade #VR

    Episode 363 - Add a Motor to your Bike with Arduino

    Episode 362: Most Worthless IoT Device Ever Pt. 1

    Episode 361: R.O.B Rebuild and Upgrade

    Episode 360: Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Cell Phone

    Episode 359: Make Your Own CNC Pyrography Wood Burner

    Episode 358: The Shrimp of Terror!

    Episode 357: Raspberry Pi Asteroid Tracker

    Episode 356: Bank to the Future with Arduino & TI

    Episode 355: Raspberry Pi Pirate Radio

    Episode 354: Tiny Vacuum Forming Machine

    Episode 353: Program Your Own FPGA Video Game

    Episode 352: Pripyat - DIY Geiger Counter

    Episode 349: Raspberry Pi Selfie Rocket


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