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    sudo Sergeant
    The Learning Circuit
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    In this episode of sudo Sergeant, Felix takes a look back at past episodes of sudo Sergeant and answers community member’s questions from the comments section.


    After watching sudo Sergeant 00: What Is Linux?firemanak wants to hear Felix's thoughts on the best of distribution of Linux and whether he can use one of his Rasberry Pi's with it.  If you're going to use a Raspberry Pi then go ahead and start with the Raspbian. The advantages of this are there's a huge community, it's easy to mess with, and there's a lot of documentation. His tip is to go visit the IRC channels and ask questions. Its a great place to learn by getting some real-time feedback. If you're looking at installing on a desktop or laptop, go ahead and get yourself an old laptop or old desktop.  Arch Linux is a great distribution if you're looking to jump in and learn something. What makes it a great distribution to learn with is that just installing it takes a bit of effort to get it up and running, whereas, a lot of distributions you can just get an installer and the installation is pretty much automated in comparison.  If you don't want to go that route, Felix recommends Fedora or Debian because they have thorough documentation.


    In response to sudo Sergeant 04: Ditch the Arduino IDE for the Linux Terminalidanre1 suggests which allows to develop for arduino using the makefile approach. You can find it at .   By using:


    apt-get install arduino arduino-mk

    apt-get install arduino arduino-mk

  can have the Arduino IDE if you want to.  After following the link idanre1 gave him, Felix finds it to be a really great utility. It's such a cool development tool that he’s thinking of using it in a future segment.


    Finally, Felix closes things out with a correction.  In sudo Sergeant 06: File Permissions he admits to making a pretty big mistake that he was right to be called on. He follows jackwhite 's example and then apologizes to the audience for providing inaccurate information.  He is grateful for jackwhite having corrected him.