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    The element14 ESSENTIALS of Smart power distribution covers the basics of de-centralized power distribution architectures featuring high-side and low-side smart power switches.  To extend the knowledge covered in the main section of this learning module, this supplementary section was included to discuss the types of related components discussed previously and those that are relevant in prototyping and/or development.

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    Power PROFET


    Power PROFET: Smart High-Side Power Switch, Single Channel

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    The BTS50015-1TAD is a 1.5mΩ single channel, smart high-side power switch, embedded in a PG-TO-263-7-8 package. It contains protective and diagnostic functions, including Infineon® ReverSave™ functionality (reverse battery protection). The power transistor is built with an N-channel power MOSFET with charge pump. It is specially designed to drive high current loads up to 80 A, such as switched battery couplings, power distribution switches, heaters, and glow plugs for the harsh automotive environment.

    Low standby current

    3.3V to V S level capable input pin

    Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)

    Optimized Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

    Logic ground independent from load ground

    Very low leakage current at OUT pin

    Compatible to cranking pulse requirement

    Embedded diagnostic and protection functions

    AEC Qualified


    HITFET (Highly Integrated Temperature MOSFET)


    HITFET: BTS3256D Smart Low-Side Power Switch, Single Channel, with restart and variable slew rate

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    The BTS3256D is a single channel, low-side power switch in a PG-TO-252-5-11 package, including embedded protective functions. This HITFET™ is designed for automotive and industrial applications.

    Slew rate control by dedicated pin enabling EMC optimized switching or PWM operation

    Maximum switching Frequency 12kHz

    Thermal and overload protection with time-controlled auto restart behavior

    Time and power limited active current limitation

    Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)

    Very low leakage current


    HITFET: AUIPS1042GTR Automotive Q100 Intelligent Power Switch, Dual Channel, Low Side Driver

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    The AUIPS1042GTR is a dual-channel, three-terminal Intelligent Power Switch featuring a low-side MOSFET with over-current, over-temperature, ESD protection, and a drain-to-source active clamp. The AUIPS1042GTR provides efficient protection by turning OFF the power MOSFET when the temperature exceeds 165°C or when the drain current reaches 4.5A. The device restarts once the input is cycled. The avalanche capability is significantly enhanced by the active clamp and covers most inductive load demagnetizations.

    Short-circuit protection

    12V application

    Slow and fast devices

    Active clamp

    Low current and logic level input

    Optimized turn on/off for EMI

    Diagnostic on the input current

    Over temperature shut own

    Over current shutdown


    HIC PROFET (High Current)


    HIC-PROFET: BTS500501EGA – Smart High-side Power Switch, Single Channel

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    The BTS50050-1EGA is a single-channel, high-side power switch in a PG-DSO-12-16 package with embedded protective functions, including ReverSave and Infineon INTELLIGENT LATCH. The power transistor is built with an N-channel vertical power MOSFET with a charge pump.

    3.3 and 5V compatible, ground referenced CMOS compatible inputs

    Very low stand by current

    Stable behavior at under-voltage

    Inverse load current capability




    PROFET: BTS5030-2EKA Smart High Side Power Switch, Dual Channel

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    The BTS5030-2EKA is a 30 mΩ dual-channel, smart high-side power switch, embedded in a PG-DSO-14-40 exposed Pad package. It is specially designed to drive lamps up to two P21W car bulbs, as well as LEDs.

    Very low stand-by current

    3.3 V and 5 V compatible logic inputs

    Electrostatic discharge protection (ESD)

    Optimized electromagnetic compatibility

    Logic ground independent from load ground

    Very low power DMOS leakage current in OFF state

    Green product (RoHS compliant)

    AEC qualified


    PROFET: BTS721L1 Smart High-Side Power Switch

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    The BTS721L1 is a 4-output high-side vertical Power FET Switch with charge pump, ground-referenced CMOS compatible input, and diagnostic feedback. It is monolithically integrated in smart SIPMOS® technology, providing embedded protective functions, under-voltage and overvoltage shutdown with auto-restart and hysteresis.

    Overload protection

    Current limitation

    Thermal shutdown

    Overvoltage protection

    Fast demagnetization of inductive loads

    Reverse battery protection

    Open drain diagnostic output

    Open load detection in ON-state

    Loss of ground and loss of VBB protection

    Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection

    High voltage capability


    Speed PROFET


    Speed PROFET: BTF50060-1TEA Smart High-Side Power Switch, Single Channel, High PWM Frequencies

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    Embedded in a PG-TO252-5-11 package, the BTF50060-1TEA is a 6mΩ single channel, smart high-side power switch. It can drive all types of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads. It's suitable for driving loads with PWM frequency from 0Hz (DC operation) up to 33kHz. It can drive valves, coils and motors with in-rush currents up to 60A.

    LCD interface supports up to 24bit LCD display (WXGA)

    Onboard MT41K256M16HA-125:E 1GB DDR3L device

    4GB EMMC, 32MB QSPI and 32KB EEPROM onboard memory

    Supports Embest 4.3inch and 7inch LCD

    Supports 12-bit camera

    MicroSD card for storage extension


    Gate Driver IC


    Gate Driver IC: AUIR3200S High Side MOSFET Driver

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    The AUIR3200S is a high-side, Mosfet driver for very low Rdson automotive applications. It offers over-current, overtemperature protection and diagnostic functions. The over-current protection is done by monitoring the Vds voltage, the threshold is programmable by external resistor. The overtemperature protection uses a thermal sensor.

    Bootstrap and charge pump

    Over-temperature shutdown with PTC interface

    Short circuit protection (Vds detection)

    Reverse battery protection

    Ground loss protection

    ESD protection


    Development boards


    Power PROFET: 12V Protected Switch Shield with BTS50015-1TAD for Arduino

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    The 12V protected switch shield for Arduino comes with BTS50015-1TAD, an ultra-low ohmic smart high-side power switch from the Power PROFET™ family.  Designed for relay and fuse replacement in power distribution and junction boxes, Power PROFET™ can drive resistive, capacitive and inductive loads (e.g. heating resistors, filter capacitors, motor, valves and pumps).

    Stand alone and microcontroller mode

    Can be controlled with Arduino compatible microcontroller boards such as the XMC™ microcontroller kits from Infineon

    Easy to use “plug and play”

    Fully configurable for different kind of loads

    Enables quick evaluation of Power PROFET™ for switching loads (BTS50015-1TAD: I NOM = 33 A)

    Fast prototyping for switching applications


    HITFET™+: Low-Side Switch Shield with BTF3050TE for Arduino

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    The SHIELDBTF3050TE Low-Side Switch Shield can control three HITFET™ BTF3050TE low side switches using an Arduino Uno R3, XMC1100 Boot Kit, or similar board. The three low-side switches provide three independent power channels that can be controlled using the input pins. The board is compatible with microcontrollers using the Arduino form factor. The board supports fast and easy prototyping of applications with BTF3050TE.
    The BTF3050TE is a 50mΩ high integrated single channel low-side switch. The switch is able to drive resistive, inductive and capacitive loads with a nominal load current of 3A. The power transistor itself is a built in N-channel power MOSFET. The whole device is monolithically integrated with the power MOSFET, driver and protection blocks all in one package. The smart low-side switch provides diagnostic and protection features (e.g. overtemperature, overcurrent). BTF3050TE is qualified and optimized for 12V automotive and industrial applications.


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