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    Hello and happy July! It's been a hot and muggy summer so far at the element14 offices but we have been so excited to see your enthusiasm for participating in our inaugural Cool Tools Bench Awards. You've all shared some truly amazing benches and the team here has been pouring over all of the entries trying to narrow down the winners for each category.


    It has been a tremendous feat to get to our winners but happily, starting with today, we will be announcing winners every Friday in July.


    Thank you to everyone who entered and participated, we hope you all enjoy our winners' announcements and continue to discuss and share your tips, tricks and suggestions for how to build a truly cool bench.


    Where’s my Cat? (messiest bench)


    This is my work bench. (Where's my cat ?)

    Here are some of the comments from our judges regarding this winning Where's Waldo?-esque work-space from probroy!


    • Love the precariously placed keyboard!

    • I mean - look at it.

    • Can't find the workbench, let alone the cat.

    • Couldn’t find the cat, but I did spot a toothbrush!

    Tony Stark’s Dream Bench (state of the art bench)

    Here are some of the judges' comments about this winning work space from jw0752!


    • So many nice gadgets in one place!

    • Those are workbenches well organized and put together

    • Of all the ones, this one just looks so awesome. I don't know enough about all of the devices and tools but this looks slick!

    • Clean and lots of compartments

    • Large array of modern signal generators and oscilloscopes.

    • It's like a bakery for electronics projects

    Congratulations to our first two winners! You will be receiving some Cool Tools that we think will be great additions to your already spectacular arsenal.


    Remember to check out Test & Tools next Friday to read about who the winners are for the following:


    •      Fire Hazard Award (Worst cable management)

    •       Pepped to the Post Award (Best coffee mug)