Version 1

    CircuitStudio licenses are assigned to a person (email address). It can often be the case then when an engineer leaves or is replaced the license they were using needs to be assigned to a new or replacement engineer and will need to be used on a different computer.


    You will be pleased to hear this is a simple process. In a nutshell you (1) request a license transfer and (2) move the software onto a new computer. Here's how it works in more detail.


    License Transfer

    1. Locate your existing license details, either serial number (SN-124567) or activation code (AB12-CD34), along with the license email address.
    2. Email with the license details and contact name / email address for the new user
    3. An activation email will be received by the new user once the license transfer is complete
    4. Activate the software (from the email link) ready for use


    Software Installation

    1. Stop using the software on the old computer
    2. Uninstall the software
    3. Download and install CircuitStudio on the new computer
    4. Sign-in using the new users license details
    5. Click on Activate/ Reactivate button as necessary to complete the license installation


    That's it - you are up and running.