Version 3

    RoadTest Reviews are posted in a dedicated RoadTest Review form that is highlighted with the half yellow star icon.



    Once you are selected as an official RoadTester, I update your application to approved. This means you will be able to see the Review form.


    Here are two ways that you can locate the RoadTest Review form for a specific RoadTest.


    A. Go to the RoadTest Page


    1. Login to element14 and go to the RoadTest Page that you want to write a review for. then, look for the Enrollment Closed heading and below it you should see an orange button named "Review."  Click on it to get to the official Review form. See below.





    B. Go to the CREATE link at the upper right hand part of your browser.


    1. Login to element14. You have to be logged into your account to see the form.



    2. Then go up to the CREATE button on your browser and click it. A dropdown menu will appear. And in this list you will see a selection for RoadTest Review.



    If you have more than one RoadTest, you will be able to select from them.


    3. If you do not see the RoadTest Review option in the dropdown menu, here's what to do:


    A. Check to see if you are logged in. (You must be logged into your account. If you have multiple accounts, make sure it is the one you used to apply for the RoadTest.)


    B. Make sure you have been selected as an official RoadTester. The RoadTest page will be updated and linked to your member's profile.


    C. Ensure your application form has been updated to enable you to see the form. If you suspect this is the problem, contact me at rscasny and I will check to see if it has been updated. (Since you need to have admin privileges, you won't be able to check it yourself.)