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    Hello again Community. It is a spooky Friday the 13th but we hope everyone is enjoying the start of the weekend. Here at the element14 offices, in order to stave off potential ghosts or demonic happenings the team took a walk together for lunch and got ourselves some Happy Meals. e14megan ended up with an Elastic Girl in hers and we now have a skating Frozone guarding all of our element14 swag. Happy and full of fries as well as sunshine, we were able to round up all the votes for week two of our Cool Tools Bench Awards.


    Thank you to everyone who entered and participated, we hope you all enjoy our winners' announcements and continue to discuss and share your tips, tricks and suggestions for how to build a truly cool bench.


    Fire Hazard Award (worst cable management)


    Have the bucket brigade on stand-by for this works-space from lowellbohn


    • Where are they all going?

    • I want to go in there armed with Velcro strips and cable ties

    • Cable management could  definitely be better but now I also need to know what all the books are!

    Pepped to the Post (Best Coffee Mug)

    As expected from a variety of benches strewn with electronics, we actually did not see as many coffee mugs so for this award we also gave other items consideration!


    Here are some of the judges' comments about this winning work space from rsc 


    • Coffee machine!

    • it's got a whole coffee maker!

    • that table's even got sugar and cream

    • I would also like this work set-up

    Congratulations to our two winners! You will be receiving some Cool Tools that we hope will help create your upcoming projects.


    Remember to check out Test & Tools next Friday to read about who the winners are for the following:


    • Totally Screwed Award (Worst organisation of screws, nuts and bolts)
    • Bat Cave Award (Award for wide range of tools)
    • Mom Would Be Proud (Neatest bench)