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    Hello Community!


    The office has been abuzz with a lot of activity, this week the element14 team here in Chicago had a potluck and not only did tariq.ahmad make some delicious hummus and kofta kebabs, but e14megan's made some delicious mac & cheese, danzima made a great fruit salad, rscasny brought us a cheese plate and I managed to make a batch of summer rolls without having all of the rice paper skins fall apart. So with stomachs full and morale boosted by a giant piece of chocolate cake, we got to finish up our voting for this week's submissions.


    Thank you to everyone who entered and participated, we hope you all enjoy our winners' announcements and continue to discuss and share your tips, tricks and suggestions for how to build a truly cool bench.


    Totally Screwed Award (Best organisation of screws, nuts and bolts)

    Initially we thought we'd need to gift at least one community member a copy of the Magic of Tidying Up so they could organize their screws, nuts and bolts until they sparked joy but you all proved us wrong! Therefore, we've decided to flip this award around. So who was it, out of all our entries,  that took the magic to another level? balearicdynamics with this vibrant space!


    A few comments from the judging panel:


    • So much to love about this space but the organizational drawers look user friendly and extremely practical

    • I want to work there too!

    • They should come help me organize our storeroom here at the office!

    Bat Cave Award (For a wide range of tools)

    If this is the Bat Cave Award, you'd think that perhaps Ace would be hanging about but with this entry from giorgiobiso, there are apparently two great doggos who frequent their master's lair!


    Some comments from the judging panel:


    Chock-full of amazing equipment, all at the ready and all super organized

    • Awesome space surrounded on all sides just like a good cave

    • Batman would be jealous!

    Mom (and Dad!) Would Be Proud (neatest bench)



    Is there anything more satisfying that seeing a beautifully organized space? There were several submissions that made our hearts swell but after heated discussion and a lot of back and forth the winner for this award is med6753!


    Here are some of the judges' comments for this winning workspace:



    • Great custom bench, neat from top to bottom

    • Super practical, love the use of the shutters here, it looks very smart

    • Cleaner than a bench has any right to be

    • So neat and then you see the additional picture of the wall rack and realize this is truly a person who takes pride in his space.

    Congratulations to our three winners! You will be receiving some Cool Tools that we hope will help create your upcoming projects.


    Remember to check out Test & Tools next Friday to read about who our final set of winners are for the following:


    • Man Cave Bench (Best use of personal space for a bench)
    • Jury Rigged Award (Most improvised or makeshift repair or bench)
    • Time Machine Award (Best piece of Retro Tech on display)


    Cool Tools Bench Awards 2018 - Week 1 Winners!

    Cool Tools Bench Awards 2018 - Week 2 Winners!