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    Congratulations to dazryan for winning the PiJuice with their entry on the element14 Community and social media!

    We look forward to seeing what you make with the add-on!


    Have you created or designed a project that you need to finish or work on, and thought to yourself: "how can I make this portable?" (well if you've ever watched The Ben Heck Show that's practically the thought all the time!) Or perhaps you've setup a project and considered "how can I make sure this will still work and stay on even though the power may go out?".


    Whether your project is reliant on solar power, intermittent power (such as that from inside a car or other automobile) or whether or not you need to take your project on the move, there's only so far you can go with a portable USB power bank that you typically used to charge your mobile phone. The Raspberry Pi, for example, ideally needs to be shut down properly, safely and securely to ensure that Linux behaves. Sure, you could set your SDCard to read-only, (or your USB mounted storage) but sometimes you just want to be able to save that last bit of vital data. So what do you do?



    For those not in the know, the PiJuice is a product which was setup via a kickstarter to attend to projects such as this. Here at Premier Farnell we've started to stock it for purchasestock it for purchase! and we figured, let's give one of you lucky Community members and Social Media followers the opportunity to win one!



    How? Share with us your Raspberry Pi Projects!


    Using the hashtag #PowerUPMyPi on social media or add a comment to this post.


    Whether it's a video, photo', gif, posted on social media or especially here on the element14 Community - we want to see what projects you have that would most benefit from the use of a PiJuice so that you can Power Up your project! We'll even count embedding your Tweet into the post.


    We know you may have already built your project, and used another solution instead of the PiJuice, still that shouldn't stop you sharing what you've worked on! - so long as a PiJuice will help you out - we want to make sure you're getting the most out of it!


    The PiJuice can help you to make a controlled and monitored system for power for your Raspberry Pi, using programming code such as Python to be able to shut down safely, or notify you to remember to charge or replace the battery (batteries can have a finite life after all) and some of you are already aware of this neat product!


    We're also sorry, on this occasion the free PiJuice giveaway is only open to residents of the United Kingdom - having said that other entries will be considered if we can muster together another prize to give away!


    This competition runs from the 17th of July 2018 to the 31st of July 2018 - A winner will be contacted and announced within the week following the end date. Please refer to the terms and conditions attached to this post for up to date details.


    What do I do again?

    • Take photo's or video of your Raspberry Pi project
    • Share on social media with #PowerUpMyPi
    • Add a comment in reply to this post with your video / photo / design for your project!



    We've already had a number of entries on social media: