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    Bluetooth Unleashed: Winners Announcement

    After 11+ weeks of designing, researching, prototyping, coding and testing, our Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge has come to a close.

    How have our Heros saved the world!?!


    The judges have tallied their thoughts and feedback on all 17 of our Challengers and have managed to whittle down the Grand Prize, Runner Up and 3rd Prize Winners as well as the Finishers.


    We are very pleased to congratulate all the Winners of the Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge as well as all of the participants!


    The Winners:


    Grand Prize
    Smart Doorbell - Shabaz Yousaf

    Project Summary




    Shabaz has created one of the most super-powered and well engineered doorbells in the history of mankind, using Texas Instruments, custom PCBs and Bluetooth Low Energy.  The project is a lot more complex than it looks even if the outcome is only a bell sound.


    Link to Shabaz’s Blogs

    Shabaz’s Wrap up Post (including videos)


    Judges' Feedback:

    A practical, yet fun project that provides both excellent how-to documentation as well as educational commentary. Shabaz pulls it all together in this well done project.

    An extremely detailed, creative, and well-designed doorbell system that delivers unique capabilities beyond just basic doorbell functionality.

    His blogs and videos are exemplary. Very Very Polished, fun and informative.

    Grand Prize Includes:

    $2000.00 USD   Shopping Cart at any element14 transactional site.







    Runner Up
    Smart Exercise Bike Computer - Yuri Tikhonov

    Project Summary





    Yuri has upgraded his exercise machine with the NXP  FRDM-KW41Z.FRDM-KW41Z. His blogs, written in a playful point of view, walk through his experiments in adding sensors, an app, electricity generation and phone chargers to his bike.


    Yuri included all his mathematical formulas and process details, wrapping up his blogs with a 3rd person story recounting the tale of his heroic build. His English is not perfect but we cannot hold him back for that. His project is working and added some unexpected features.


    Link to Yuri's Blogs

    Yuri’s Wrap up Post (including videos)


    Judges' Feedback:

    Very fun and informative read, a great and practical project. Highly look forward to any of his future projects.

    This is one of the best built and documented designs that helps address the need for renewable sources of energy through generating electricity with an exercise machine

    Yuri's blogs show the math required for his project.  In this blogs and videos he really shows character and warmth without losing any integrity.

    Not your typical blog style project description. Yuri makes this project an entertaining read while demonstrating a useful application of Bluetooth technology. The platform he has developed can continue to grow with additional features, which makes it a great starting point for the indoor bike enthusiast.


    Runner Up Prize Includes:

    $1500.00 USD Shopping Cart at any element14 transactional site.







    Third Prize
    AAPSAD (Adaptive Ambiance for People with Stress and Depression)
    - Sakthivigneshwar R

    Project Summary




    Sakthi created a mood sensing room ambiance system with facial recognition. If it detects you are mad or sad, it makes the room smell nice, plays a soothing fire and changes the lightings. All of this is controlled by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth. A fun and light project that is as functional as it is enjoyable to read about!


    Link to Sakthi’s Blogs

    Sakthi’s Wrap up Post (including videos)


    Judges' Feedback

    Using technology to solve everyday problems is a great way to help others. Sakthi has integrated a number of hardware components together in a creative way, providing excellent examples for others to learn from.

    An impressive and creative ecosystem of boards, end products, and sensors connected together via Bluetooth and triggered by facial recognition that results in a practical yet fun room ambiance system.

    The project seems simple on the outside but, this is false, it really effective when you see the demo.

    The write up of this project and code supported the utility of the project. I feel I need to install one of these devices in my own home.

    Third Prize Includes:

    $1000.00 USD Shopping Cart at any element14 transactional site.







    Not everyone can win the Grand Prize but everyone who's reached the finish line is a winner in their own way.

    Anyone who adhered to the terms and conditions, used our Hero boards and posted more than 10 progress blogs receives a Finishers' prize pack.

    This also includes all Winners and any non-sponsored Challengers that have completed the Design Challenge


    Smart Doorbell System
    Shabaz Yousaf
    See Progress


    Home Security System
    Keith Edwards
    See Progress


    Universal LED Animator
    Monika Gal
    See Progress
    Mark Beckett
    See Progress
    B.E.E.P (Bluetooth Empowered Education Pi)
    Milos Rasic
    See Progress
    Bluetooth Maze
    Carmelito Andrade
    See Progress
    Smart Exercise Bike Computer
    Yuri Tikhonov
    See Progress
    AAPSAD (Adaptive Ambiance for People with Stress and Depression)
    Sakthivigneshwar R
    See Progress
    Stirling Blue
    Douglas Wong
    See Progres

    Non-Sponsored Challengers:

    John Kutzschebauch - Project Loki



    John  Kutzschebauch


    Finisher Prize Pack Includes:

    A Finisher who has completed their project, used one of the 10 Hero Boards with Bluetooth, posted 10+ updates in the Bluetooth Unleashed Design Challenge space, and adhered to the requirements in the Terms and Conditions will receive: Pocket Beagle Bone, Tenma Fume Extractor, Tenma Soldering Station, and element14 Community Backpack.