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    The Business of Engineering Podcast

    The element14 team is proud and excited to announce the launch of our new Podcast, The Business of Engineering - offering a new way for our members to interact with the community via one of the world's fastest-growing mediums for online content consumption.


    The Business of Engineering is a monthly round table discussion that brings together startup leaders and entrepreneurs working in the tech sector, inviting them to share their experiences and insights on a range of industry-related topics, from prototyping and manufacturing to finance and marketing. We hope that in time it will become a cornerstone of the Business of Engineering section of the element14 community, where we regularly share news and interviews around the tech industry, with a particular focus on startups, entrepreneurship and design & manufacturing.


    The Business of Engineering podcast can be found online right now for free download and streaming via They can also be found on most major Podcasting platforms, including iTunes, Stitcher and aCast. Alternatively, you can listen through many other Podcast apps using the RSS feed.


    Episode One | Starting From Zero


    All tech startups begin with an idea, but how do you take that idea and turn it into a viable business model? In this first episode of The Business of Engineering Podcast, we discuss the challenges of 'starting from zero' - from taking the leap into self employment to building an audience, forging professional partnerships and developing your first prototype.


    Featuring Daniel Burton (Natwest Business Accelerator), Ethan Howard (Bare Tech) and Nook Barnes and Rowena Madar (Eat Fish Design)


    Episode Two | Funding & Finance


    Raising capital and maintaining a healthy cash flow are essential aspects of running any business — and the tech sector is no exception. In this episode, we discuss the unique financial challenges faced by tech startups, and share some advice on how to navigate them.


    Featuring Daniel Burton (Natwest Business Accelerator), Tom Martin (JetSoft), Chris Nriapia (SentrySIS) and Will Schaffer (NorthInvest)


    Episode Three | Scaling The Manufacturing Mountain

    Getting a product to the manufacturing stage is a key milestone for any hardware business, but it's also a process that can be filled with challenges and hidden costs. In this episode, we discuss finding the right manufacturer, knowing your rights and understanding the major hurdles on the road to getting your product into production.


    Featuring Daniel Burton (Natwest Business Accelerator), Leon Doyle (WIFIPLUG) and Joseph Crabtree (Additive Manufacturing Technologies)


    Episode Four | Accelerating Your Business

    Accelerator programs promise valuable mentorship and networking opportunities for new and emerging startups - but often require a significant commitment of time and resources in return. In this episode, we chat to accelerator veterans from both sides of the table to explore the benefits and challenges associated with joining a program, and the most effective ways to get the best out of your experience.


    Featuring Ben Barker (Artemis), Ian Emberton (Xerogrid) and Annabell Gast (Natwest Business Accelerator)


    Episode Five | Preparing for Product Launch

    There's nothing more exciting for a tech startup than the moment when you finally get your product into the hands of consumers. But with so many new kits and devices hitting the shelves all the time, what can you do to give your product the best chance of success when it hits the market? In this episode, we discuss the most important preparations and investments you should be making before your tech product goes on sale - and some of the common pitfalls you should be avoiding.


    Featuring Natasha Barber-Evans (Natwest Business Accelerator), Chris Burgess (Binary Bots) and Gareth Gadd (Compliance Compendium).


    Episode Six | Sustaining Momentum Post-Product Launch

    For many entrepreneurs, simply getting your product to market can feel like the ultimate goal. But once you've reached this milestone, it's vital to ensure that you're building on this momentum and laying the groundwork for a healthy long-term business. In this episode, we discuss what the first few months after an initial product launch looks like, the challenges involved in growing your company and developing a brand, and tactics for converting one-time buyers into long-term customers.


    Featuring Jordan Appleson (Hark), Laura Mason (Natwest Business Accelerator) and James Talbot (Damson Global)


    Episode Seven | Learning From Failure

    Every startup business reaches a point when the best laid plans go awry. Sometimes it may be possible to recover, but on other occasions the only course of action is to admit defeat and re-strategise. When you've spent months or years building your tech company from scratch, accepting that your enterprise has reached a point of no return can be incredibly tough. On this episode of the Business of Engineering podcast, we talk to entrepreneurs about their experiences of pivoting, rebuilding and achieving success from the ashes of a perceived failure.


    Featuring Daniel Burton (Natwest Business Accelerator), Bradley Jensen (For Fork Sake), Tia Roqaa (Roccabox) and Mark Walsh (Kwizzbit)


    Episode Eight | Partnership Management


    From distribution and supplier relationships to creative collaborations and brand extension, professional partnerships are essential to a growing tech enterprise. In this episode, our panel discusses the best ways to build strong professional relationships with other companies, how those partnerships have helped their own businesses to grow and how to ensure that partnerships remain healthy and mutually beneficial in the long term.


    Featuring Ryan Ciecko (Free Agent), Tracey Dawson (DaleTech Electronics) and Alistair Maiden (SYKE)


    Episode Nine | Attracting and Retaining Customers

    Every business needs customers. You could design the best product in your field, but unless somebody buys it, your enterprise is likely to have a short shelf life. In this episode, startup leaders discuss tactics for attracting early buyers and converting them into long-term brand advocates.


    Featuring Ben Barker (Artemis), Mihaela Gruia (Research Retold), Dr. James Gupta (Synap) and Gordon Merrylees (Natwest)


    Episode Ten | Online Marketing Strategies for Tech Startups

    Online marketing is an essential part of running any modern business, but as a new or emerging startup it can be difficult to know where to start. In this episode, our entrepreneurial round table discusses some of the most important tactics you should be aware of when attempting to build and retain your online audience - from the importance of SEO vs PPC to website design and content marketing.


    Featuring Melissa Becker (Natwest Business Accelerator) Sam Ducker (Lucky Duck) and Richard Michie (The Marketing Optimist)


    Episode Eleven | How AI and Smart Technology are Transforming the Tech Sector

    In 2018, there were over 79 million devices with embedded AI. This is expected to rise to 1.2 billion devices by 2023. The rise of embedded and connected devices across the tech sector provides valuable new opportunities for innovation, data analysis, automation and more. In this round table, we discuss the potential impact of the rise of AI and the opportunities this presents for tech startups.


    Featuring Daniel Burkhardt Cerigo (Freelance Data Scientist), Taras Lanchev (Calbot) and Keith McCabe (Simplifai Systems Limited)


    Episode Twelve | How to Innovate


    Innovation is one of the most crucial aspects of staying ahead of the competition in a crowded technology market. From simple enhancements to game-changing developments, your success in fostering a community of ideas can make-or-break your business. In this month's episode of the Business of Engineering podcast, we talk to three successful entrepreneurs about how they promote innovation in their own businesses, and how and where they get their own best ideas...


    Featuring William Fish (Manulytica), Danny Manu (Mymanu) and Rob Hughes (RE-NU-ME).


    Element14 also recently launched an eBook entitled ‘Startups on Startups’, which acts as a companion piece to the first episodes of the Business of Engineering podcast. It can be downloaded for free in our eBooks library.