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    This is NOT a Design Challenge. See Special Note below.


    The Path to Programmable project will train five element14 members and provide them with free FPGA/SoC training modules with lab exercises. Once the training has been completed, the trainees will build a project with the MiniZedTM development board based on what they have learned.

    In return for both the FREE training and the MiniZedTM development board, the five trainees will blog regularly on element14 to journal about their learning experience, covering both the high points and the challenges of learning to program FPGA/SoC devices. The blogs will be read by the community and the sponsors to learn more about how to make the path to developing with programmable devices easier to realize.


    Terms and Conditions

    Like most other projects on element14 that require an application, the Path to Programmable project has established rules that the applicants must follow.


    Rules ensure fair play and prevent abuse, among other purposes. These rules are described in detail in the project's Terms and Conditions. You can read the Path to Programmable training project's terms by downloading the attached PDF.

    Special Note

    The Path to Programmable is NOT a Design Challenge. It is a professional development project sponsored by Xilinx in conjunction with the element14 community. element14 members who submit applications are competing to receive FPGA/SoC training only.


    For any general questions about the Path to Programmable project, you can post a comment on the About page.


    To keep up-to-date with the Path to Programmable project, please bookmark this project.


    The deadline for application submissions is 27 August 2018.