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    Program Your Own FPGA Video Game

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    In this video, we learn how to make a retro-style table tennis game with an FPGA. We take a look at the DE0-Nano development board, along with Altera's Quartus II design software. We also learn about the Verilog language and dive into some code. Finally, with the help of some additional components, we interface directly with a VGA monitor and an NES game controller.



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    P0082 -  Development Kit, FPGA, DE0-Nano, 2x GPIO Headers, 32MB RAM, Accelerometer

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    GS-630A -  Breadboard, ABS, 56 mm x 136 mm x 10 mm

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    1739 -  Large Enclosed Piezo Element w/Wires

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    OS-9975 -  Replacement NES Wired Controller

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    Sub Connector High Density 15 Contacts Receptacle DE High Density Series Metal Body Solder

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    826 -  Premium Female/Male Extension Jumper Wires, 40 x 6" (150mm)

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    MC001810 -  Jumper Wire Kit, Multicolor, 2 mm - 125 mm, 22 AWG, 140 Piece1Buy NowBuy Now
    Female NES Controller Connector1
    270 Ohm Through Hole Resistor3Buy NowBuy Now


    Click Herefor access to all the supporting files you will need to replicate this build!