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    The Great micro:bit Education Giveaway - Winners!


    Back to School season is upon us! For many students and educators, the month of August signifies a return to school, and to shopping for the classroom. This past June, members of the element14 Community team were able to attend the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) convention, which took place this year in Chicago. We stood guard at the micro:bit booth, not only to help the great people from the foundation handle the onslaught of questions about the micro:bitmicro:bit, but also to learn more about this wonderful SBC.


    One of the most impactful things we learned while we were in attendance was that teachers of all grade-levels and experience were keen to integrate the micro:bit into their curriculum, but many voiced that they did not have the budget nor the technical expertise to do so. While the micro:bit Educational Foundation provides a wide array of resources to get started, they unfortunately cannot give the boards away for free.



    This is where we come in! We were so inspired by all of the educators we got to speak with that our fearless leader, Dianne Kibbey, the Global Head of the element14 Community tasked us to come up with a program to get micro:bit into the hands of as many learners as possible.


    So, with that in mind, we bring you our Great micro:bit Education Giveaway!



    Phase 1:


    We will be giving our 25 selected contestants micro:bit Clubmicro:bit Club packs, which each contain 10 micro:bit boards, battery adapters, batteries, and USB cables. The micro:bit is a global product, so this contest is open to all countries!


    Phase 1 is now complete! Thank you so much for all your entries, they're amazing and we can't wait to read them (we've gotten a head start on that, to tell the truth). Please feel free to continue discussing the contest in the comments section here, but unfortunately we can no longer accept new applications. Everyone who has submitted prior to this note being added is considered an applicant.


    To enter, please:


    1) Register on the Community, if you are not yet a member.


    2) In the comments section below on this document, post your answers to the following questions:


    • Who are you? What is your background as an educator? And don't worry, we're welcoming educators of all levels of experience. If you're trying to help students learn about coding and working with electronics, we want you! (Please do not post your address or other personal information in your application here, just general information about your background. Feel free to use your username if you'd prefer not to post your full name.)


    • How would you use these micro:bits in your classroom, after school club, or wherever you might be trying to help others learn to code?


    Enrollment begins August 20th, 2018. You will have until September 19th to submit your application as a comment on this document, after which our team will review the applications and select the participants on September 24th. We've chosen to place these applications in the comments on this document so that you can discuss your plan with other educators, give tips to those whose work is similar to yours, and so you can potentially be inspired by them!


    Selected Winners:



























    Congratulations to our selected winners! We have decided to give away 25 micro:bit Club packs due to how many amazing entries we received. We will be contacting the selected members via email shortly about the next steps, so please respond no later than October 1st, 2018. Due to trade regulations, it is possible that certain countries will be disallowed for shipping, but this is (thankfully!) very rare.

    We have also selected alternates should those listed above not respond or if we are not able to ship to their countries. Once you receive your Club pack you can get started on Phase 2!


    Phase 2:


    Once you are selected as a winner, you will have 10 weeks to implement you project plan and document it on the Community. Your blogs / vlogs must be posted to the community by December 3rd. The documentation requirements will be the following:


    1) Write up a blog (or do a video blog) about your project.


    2) Your blog or vlog must have a syllabus/lesson plan that includes the following information:


    • what ages and/or grade-level(s) it's aimed toward

    • what subject/s does it cover

    • what are the project goals

    • step-by-step instructions including any print-outs, bill of materials (BOM)

    • photos and/or videos


    On December 10th we will select three (3) educators who have completed their documentation on the Community to win a prize pack of micro:bit accessories and other items that will expand the potential of this powerhouse little board. To be eligible as a contestant and to potentially receive prizes you must submit your comments and blogs according to the schedule of dates below. Also, see below for prize details.


    Important Dates


    Enrollment BeginsAugust 20th, 2018
    Enrollment EndsSeptember 19th, 2018
    Contestants AnnouncedSeptember 24th, 2018
    All Blogs DueDecember 3rd, 2018
    Winning Blogs AnnouncedDecember 10th, 2018





    We're also RoadTesting some great micro:bit accessories and expansion kits, including some of the prizes offered here. Check them out!



    BOSON Starter Kit + micro:bit


    :MOVE mini buggy kit + microbit

    :GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC micro:bit


    micro:bit wear:it Development Kit





    element14 Minode Kitelement14 Minode Kit



    element14 Wear:it Kitelement14 Wear:it Kit



    Kitronik Inventor's KitKitronik Inventor's Kit



    Kitronik Move mini Robot KitKitronik Move mini Robot Kit



    Proto-Pic Micro:Pixel LED Expansion BoardProto-Pic Micro:Pixel LED Expansion Board


    Our goal for the Great micro:bit Education Giveaway is to help teachers get micro:bit in the hands of their students and, in doing so, help other educators to do the same. As everyone knows, often the best way to teach something is by example. So get your ideas together and let us know -- What would you do with micro:bit in the classroom?


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