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    In the Comments Below:  Let us know how you would Inspire People's Interest in Energy Efficiency or Resource Conservation!


    As many of you know,  Ben Heck,  whose been around for about as long as the community has been around, retired last month. element14 Presents will continue the tradition started with element14's The Ben Heck Show Friday releases with new Project Videos such as a Episode 349: Raspberry Pi Selfie Rocket by MAYER MAKES - Clem Mayer , Episode 356: Bank to the Future with Arduino & TI by Bald Engineer - James Lewis , Episode 352: Pripyat - DIY Geiger Counter by AirborneSurfer - Matt Eargle , Episode 353: Program Your Own FPGA Video Game by Andy West , and we've got more entertaining videos from project builders in the future.  The past year also saw the introduction of Wednesday releases with the  The Learning Circuit and sudo Sergeant where you can get your command line on with Felix, learn basics with makerkaren, and learn how to build more advanced STEM projects with daftmike .


    In the past,  we've given away builds from past episodes of the  element14's The Ben Heck Show .  We've got a closet full of old builds that Ben never got a chance to give away.    Rather than just let them sit there, we're going to honor the past, while welcoming the future, with the first giveaway for element14 Presents. It's a TI Plant Booster as seen on Episode 256: Ben Heck’s TI Launchpad Plant Booster Episode.  Many of you showed a lot of interest in energy efficiency and resource conversation, picking Solar Power Devices in  Project14 | You Decide the Next Monthly Project Competition! Low on Energy, projects that are energy efficient.  We're going to play on these themes, giving you a chance to win a light compensator that provides light for indoor plants when the Sun is not able to!



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    The Heat Is On: Tell us how you would Inspire interest in others in energy efficient or resource conservation!


    To win tell us how you would inspire others interest in energy efficiency or resource conservation.  Inspiration can take many forms.  It could be a  Solar Power Devices project you are working on, it could be an energy efficiency project you've done such as Long Shower = Candle Power from sjmill01 to make sure you're not using too much water,  an idea you have to get people interested in being more energy efficient or conserving resources, or something you're doing to bring awareness to this important issue.


    Feel free to check out Project14 | The Heat Is On: Harvest the Energy of the Sun to Build Solar Devices! for a roundup of past projects for ideas and inspiration!


    Visit Project14 for a chance to win shopping cart dollars to any element14 store and the chance to win additional electronics for building projects!



    Step 1:  Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.

    Step 2: Post in the comments section below and share your projects, ideas, or experience with Energy Efficiency or Resource Conservation. Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.

    Step 3:  Check out Solar Power Devices or the conservation projects for inspiration on things to discuss or projects to build!


    We will accept entries until 3:00pm CDT September 24th, 2018 and announce our winner October 3rd 2018.