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    As the manufacturer of the micro:bit, we are incredibly proud to be a part of's initiative "to inspire every child to create their best digital future." One of the ways that we are striving to do this is by helping get micro:bits and their accessories in the hands of our Community members so that they can write up RoadTests & Reviews and create projects that others can look to for inspiration. Below you can look through some of our most recent reviews as well as enroll for the chance to help us with our initiative!


    RoadTests & Reviews


    BinaryBots DIMM + micro:bit

    BinaryBots DIMM


    Dimm™ is the amazing new smart toy robot everyone wants. This kit comes jam packed with Dimm the robot, some fun sensors AND a brand new BBC micro:bit computer.


    BinaryBots TOTEMCRAB + micro:bit


    BinaryBots TOTEMCRAB

    Totem Crab™ is one of the alien robots Binary found on Planet Totem. With a brand new BinaryBots sensor board and awesome pincer, bring the crab alive with code today!


    GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC micro:bit

    The Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro gaming accessory for the BBC microbit. It has been designed to be an all in one hand held gaming platform, which also includes a built in, 64 (8x8) individually addressable full colour ZIP LED, screen.


    Grove Inventor Kit + BBC micro:bit

    Grove Inventor Kit for micro:bit

    The is the Seeed Studio's Inventor's Kit specially designed for use with the BBB micro:bit. The kit contains a Grove shield for micro:bit, plus a variety of Grove modules, including sensors, display, actuator so students or hobbyists can explore creating their first IoT projects or any kind of electronic build project.


    Grove Inventor Kit + BBC micro:bit - Review

    Grove Inventor Kit + BBC micro:bit - Review


    Kitronik - Inventor's Kit for BBC micro:bit

    The Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the micro:bit is the perfect way to get started with programming and hardware interaction with the micro:bit. The experiments included are: say 'Hello' to the micro:bit, using an LDR and analogue inputs, dimming an LED using a potentiometer, using a transistor to drive a motor, using the accelerometer to control motor speed, setting the tone with a piezo buzzer, wind power, making a game using the compass, capacitor charge circuit and using an RGB LED.



    Kitronik - Inventor's Kit for BBC micro:bit - Review

    Kitronik - Inventor's Kit for BBC micro:bit - Review


    A fun, easy to use modular kit designed to help teens get interested in IoT mechanics with minimal effort. The pack consists of a main connection board that houses the micro:bit edge connector and several modules that range from light and sound sensors to LEDs, speakers and even fans!

    • The modules snap together like building blocks - complete a working circuit in less than a minute
    • No soldering is required, designed for kids aged 14 and above


    By Invitation Only - Minode Kit - Review

    By Invitation Only - Minode Kit - Review


    Please remember to check this post periodically to look for more awesome micro:bit accessories.


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