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    The ultimate upgrade design challenge.


    Integrate the STMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and TE Connectivity Sensors into your project for the chance to win a prize package worth up to $2,600 USD.


    The Sixth Sense Design Challenge will choose 10 sponsored challengers to receive a Challenger Kit for FREE provided by STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity.


    STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity, in collaboration with element14, would like to introduce the Sixth Sense Design Challenge


    Challengers will be tasked with upgrading a device, such as a remote control car, drone, robot, tunnel exploration bot, etc and then giving it a sixth sense with ST and TE.


    Challengers can use an off the shelf product or build one as part of the challenge. These projects should show how the STMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and the provided TE Connectivity Components can be used to improve the device's sensing and data collection.


    What senses will you add to your device?


    Example applications could include:

    Forest Fire Sensing Drone

    A Self Guiding Drain Snake

    Smart Telelocation Device

    Hazardous Environment Survey Drone

    Underwater Pipeline monitor

    Automated Rescue Buoy

    Robotic Paperboy

    Self Righting Buggy


    The Sixth Sense Challenge will have 10 sponsored Challengers who will each receive the Kit for free.


    Unlike previous Design Challenges we have extended the build period to 15 weeks of build time.

    During this build period, challengers are to create or modify a device and the Sensor Tile and at least one TE product and blog 10 times in the Sixth Sense Design Challenge space.


    But anyone can join the Challenge as a non-sponsored Challenger!


    Here's how: get the STMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and TE Connectivity Component PackSTMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and TE Connectivity Component Pack and integrate them into your project, and post 10 blogs about your design journey in the Sixth Sense Design Challenge space (tagging your blogs 'Sixth Sense').


    What are Design Challenges?


    Design Challenges are 11-week-long build challenges where applicants submit a project idea to a panel of judges. The best 20 are sent the official challengers build kit and spend the next 11 weeks building and blogging about it on the element14 community. After the 11 weeks are over, the judges choose which projects and blogs deserve the prizes and glory that come with being a Design Challenge winner.





    -Challenge Build Period has been extended to 15 weeks, with 10 challengers chosen.

    -Use existing or new devices/vehicles*

    -The deadline for project application submissions is 19th November, 2018.

    -Challengers Announced End of November.

    -Closing Date 25th of March 2019.


    All Challengers must build their projects in accordance with the Challenge's Terms and Conditions. All projects must include the STMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and TE Connectivity Component PackSTMicroelectronics Sensor Tile and TE Connectivity Component Pack.


    * As most of you know, our initial aim with this challenge was some kind of small, autonomous vehicle such as a drone. We realized after some feedback that our messaging was a bit fuzzy! The goal of this challenge is not to necessarily create something from scratch but rather to enhance and use the given kit to do some kind of amazing upgrade that will imbue your device (custom or out of the box) with greater power. We know our e14 Community member can and will come up with some amazing things!