Version 13


    To judge the merits of the Sixth Sense Design Challenge applications and final project builds, element14 asked the help of a panel of experts to provide their knowledge.

    So, without further ado, element14 is pleased to introduce our panel of judges:


    STMicroelectronics - Technical Judge

    As always, a specialist judge from STMicroelectronics will be giving their expert feedback and advice.

    ST are providing technical judges from their microcontroller and development platform teams.


    TE Connectivity - Bill Newton - Chairperson for the TE Drone Council

    As always, a specialist judge from TE Connectivity will be giving their expert feedback and advice.

    Bill Newton will be joining us as the specialist judge on behalf of TE Connectivity, with his background as the Chairperson of the TE Drone Council.


    element14 Team - Community Judges

    Senior members of the element14 Community Team will provide their support and input on this Design Challenge.

    They will be tasked with checking in on challengers, helping to connect engineers with solutions, and making sure everyone adheres to the rules!

    Their combined experience in engineering, design challenges and the maker scene will be tested as they help lead the team of judges and challengers to the finish line.


    Thank you to our judges for offering their time and service, as well as being on hand to respond to questions during the Challenge. The element14 Community Team with help oversee the judges and challengers during the design challenge process.


    For any general questions about the challenge, you can post a 'comment' on the About This Challenge page. Your fellow challengers and others following the challenge are likely to respond.


    To keep up-to-date on the Sixth Sense Design Challenge, please bookmark the Challenge.