Version 4


    True horror stories are much more frightening than made up ones. That's why Clem brings back the ancient nightmare from 550 million years ago- The Anomalocaris. It was one of the first known fierce predators and looked like a squishy shrimp of terror. Things get a little out of hand when another Clem appears on the scene....



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    154 -  Servo Motor, FeeTech FS5103R, Continuous Rotation

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    555-28027 -  PIR Infared Measurement Sensor Module

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    Development Board Arduino Nano ATmega328 MCU 14 3.3V I/O 6 PWM Outputs USB Mini B Arduino1Buy NowBuy Now

    2465 -  PowerBoost 1000 LiPo Charger 5V 1A Boost 98Y0120

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    Rechargeable Battery 3.7 V Lithium Polymer 1100 mAh Connector

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    E003 -  Stripboard, FR2, Epoxy Paper, 1.5mm, 160mm x 100mm

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