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    Raspberry Pi Virtual Reality Arcade #VR

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    Clem revisits his HACK like HECK project, the VRpi!  A Virtual Reality System for the Raspberry Pi. The original device did run  Doom exclusively. The VRpi  2 runs OpenArena and other Games, you can even use it as a cheap pseudo VR Kit for your PC-Games. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi 3+ some Arduino micros and Radio transmitters. 



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    2465 -  PowerBoost 1000 LiPo Charger 5V 1A Boost

    ADAFRUIT2Buy NowBuy Now

    Rechargeable Battery 3.7 V Lithium Polymer 1100 mAh Connector

    BAK2Buy NowBuy Now
    E003 -  Stripboard, FR2, Epoxy Paper, 1.5mm, 160mm x 100mmKEMO ELECTRONIC1Buy NowBuy Now
    Development Board Arduino Micro ATmega32U4 MCU 20 3.3V I/O 12 Analogue Inputs ISCP Header ARDUINO2Buy NowBuy Now
    RPI3-MODBP -  Single Board Computer, Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, BCM2837B0 SoC, IoT, PoE EnabledRASPBERRY-PI1Buy NowBuy Now
    RAPB-MSDH16GPH-8010I -  Integral 16gb MicroSD Card with AdapterINTEGRAL1Buy NowBuy Now
    AM-RX12E-433P -  RF RECEIVER MODULE, 433.92, -110DBMRF SOLUTIONS2Buy NowBuy Now
    RIBBON CABLE 10 CONDUCTOR 100FT 28AWG 300V 3M1Buy NowBuy Now
    Joystick 2 6 A 240 V KELAN1Buy NowBuy Now