Version 4

    Error Message


    After reinstalling the software, it could be a new computer or an on an existing computer, the software will no longer work as it used to instead displaying an error message on the license screen "Your are not using a valid license. Select a license below and select Activate."



    You try the activate button but to no avail, the software still refuses to work.




    CircuitStudio is sold as a perpetual license and includes the first year of software updates. Although the license may be perpetual (never expires) it only permits you to run software versions that were released prior to the expiry of your software maintenance. Typically if you download CircuitStudio to install on a new computer it will be the latest version and if your license does not extend to this version you will see the above error.




    Two solutions are possible:

    1. Renew your software maintenance subscription for a further year allowing you to run the latest release of CircuitStudio
    2. Download an older version of CircuitStudio compatible with your license.


    You can purchase an update to your maintenance from here: CircuitStudio MaintenanceCircuitStudio Maintenance


    For access to older versions of the software please see this article. If you encounter any issues then please contact support at