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    Happy Halloween to one and all!


    After another spooky season comes to a close we can now round up the amazing projects which have been build to sharethescare!

    In the spirit of  Halloween 2017 we ran a Competition to find the our favoriteHalloween - Projects and Videos project, the winner would get to take home a Creality CR-10S 3D printer

    We are very happy to show you all the amazing builds that have come out of spooktacular competition and let you know that all the previous years winners are available in our  Halloween - Projects and Videos space right now!


    We will be announcing the winner of #ShareTheScare 2018 in the next few days!


             Creality CR-10S 3D printer



    element14 Community members entries:


    Wearable Arc Reactor for Halloween

    "Not long ago my son decided that he wanted an Arc Reactor for Halloween; something simple to wear and looks awesome -seems I got some homework-."




    Wearable Arc Reactor for Halloween



    3D Printed My Face as a Mask for sharethescare

    "3D modeled my face from scratch in ZBrush. I then made it into a shell and added thickness. After three failed attempts, I was able to print it out on my Prusa Mk2s and I began painting it. I learned how to airbrush and used Vallejo paints. After learning how to paint skin completions, I finished it up with a paint brush for details like the eyes and eyebrows. It was a long process, but here is the final result"

    "Just Be Yourself!" 3D Printed my Face as a Mask #sharethescare




    "The Scare-O-Matic is a little box 105mm x 65mm x 45mm with a 5V barrel jack for power supply, a motion sensor and a powerful 0.5W 45mm diameter speaker.

    The motion sensor is wired to a Sparkfun microSD Audio Module WTV020SD to trigger the next sound clip when motion is detected."








    Flapping Batman Dog Costume with Arduino

    "I want to make a Halloween batman dog costume that has a flapping cape. I am going to use a continuous micro servo to pull the cape up and down, and use an accelerator to detect whether or not the dog is standing up or laying down, so that when the dog is standing up, the cape will flap, but when the dog is turned to the side, the cape will not move. I also plan on adding RGB LEDS around the batman symbol. I the costume to look like the cape is flapping in the wind when the dog is running or just standing up."



    Flapping Batman Dog Costume Part 1

    Flapping Batman Dog Costume Part 2



    Spooky Sensor with micro:bit

    "As Halloween approaches, one great project is to use a distance sensor to have a MakerBit play spooky sounds when someone reaches their hand into a container of treats!"



    Spooky Sensor



    Creating a fast spinning clock for Little Shop of Horrors musical
    "For our local community theatre group in Sydney, we are currently putting on the musical LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS about the man-eating plant that comes to New York to take over the world."


    Creating a fast spinning clock for Little Shop of Horrors musical



    Mario Castle featuring Princess Peach

    "Every year I am called upon to make Halloween costumes and accessories for my grandchildren.  Not scary stuff but things that they are into at the time.  Well, maybe a little bit scary..."


    Mario Castle featuring Princess Peach


    The Creature from the Crab Nebula

    "This project aims to create an animatronic alien creature from the Crab nebula. The “Crabster” has a crab-lobster body and a pacumpkin head with lollipop eyeballs.

    This animatronic machine turned into a giant mechanical design challenge with forty-four 3D printed parts, 20 of which were moving parts.

    The project was intended to have real engineering challenges as well as make an interesting Halloween machine."




    The Creature from the Crab Nebula



    Peter The Pumpkin with Arduino

    "A few years back I decided to make an artificial pumpkin to save on the carving, to have something that kept without rotting too early and more importantly to have a bigger one than the shops stock."


    Peter the Pumpkin

    Peter the Pumpkin - pt2

    Peter the Pumpkin pt3

    Peter the Pumpkin - pt4 (ready to Share the Scare)

    Peter the Pumpkin (part 5 - final thoughts)



    "Halloween Candy Robot" by: Scott N. Miller (Dragon Innovation, CEO)

    Due to Scott working under our parent company he has been disqualified from winning but we still love his amazing Candy Robot! - e14Phil

    "When I was growing up, the teenager (Robert) across the street created a “Machine” to hand out candy for Halloween. Trick or Treaters would come inside their entryway and be greeted by one of his friends dressed up as a mad-scientist. The Machine was set up on the stairway, which was draped in velvet curtains (hiding, of course, a friend behind the curtain). You could select from four different types of candy and made your choice by keying in the right number via a Morse code key that beeped loud enough for the person in the back to hear it and send the proper selection down the chute. Sometimes it was too loud to hear, or the guy in the back got distracted and the wrong selection came down. For later versions of the machine, he introduced a light bulb over each candy which was connected in the back to a battery indicating what candy was picked, which helped avoid confusion.

    Eventually, Robert went to college and passed the torch to me"


    "Halloween Candy Robot" by: Scott N. Miller (Dragon Innovation, CEO)



    The following are the videos and projects created by the element14 presents Team.

    Again they wont be entered to win but we would love to show you their amazing creations.


    Twilight Zone Fortune Telling Machine

    "Matt is a huge fan of the Twilight Zone, so for Halloween, he's decided to build a classic prop from the old series with a modern twist! The original Mystic Seer was a coin-operated fortune telling machine created for the 1960 episode "Nick of Time". Will this new, electronic fortune teller actually predict the future?"


    Episode 365: Twilight Zone Fortune Telling Machine

    VCP Biography: AirborneSurfer - Matt Eargle


    IoT Haunted Doorstep

    "The original idea for the project came about when I was playing with a "smart doorbell" idea (which I implemented as a desktop project). Someone suggested, "you have a knocker, why not use that?". I noted the suggestion, and started thinking, how could I make a door knocker smart?"


    IOT Haunted Doorstep - Part 1 - Project Introduction

    VCP Biography: David Edwards



    Enrico's Scary Mirror with Raspberry Pi and Omron Human Vision Components


    "I am fascinated by mirrors, their properties and also the incredible quantity of literary ideas and stories around the mirror, from Narciso to Snow White, from Carroll's Alice to the Jorge Luis Borges personal mythology... When a couple of years ago I "discovered" the possibility to make magic mirrors

    with the help of the modern technology, microcontrollers, embedded Linux and other opportunities I started to create some of these."



    The Scary Mirror Part 1

    The Scary Mirror Part 2

    The Scary Mirror Episode 3

    The Scary Mirror Episode 4


    Make Your Own Candy Thief Alarm

    "After years of having brothers and coworkers sneaking off with her candy, Karen is using her new knowledge of transistors to create an alarm to protect her sugary treasure. Make along with Karen an alarm using a photoresistor, buzzer, and transistor!"

    The Learning Circuit 28: Make Your Own Candy Thief Alarm