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    • I/O Carrier Card for MicroZed Evaluation Kit
    • I/O Carrier Card for MicroZed Evaluation Kit


    The I/O Carrier Card supports the MicroZed™ Evaluation Kit and System-on-Module (SOM), providing easy access to the full 108 user I/O available from the MicroZed SOM. Two 100-pin MicroHeaders on the carrier card mate with the MicroZed, connecting over 80 of the MicroZed Programmable Logic (PL) I/O to 12 Digilent Pmod™ compatible interfaces. The remaining MicroZed I/O are connected to various I/O Carrier Card features, including push button switches, DIP switches, LEDs, EEPROM, Xilinx XADC, and clock oscillator. The I/O Carrier Card also generates the necessary power rails for MicroZed, providing 5 V to the MicroZed core, user selectable bank voltages for the PL I/O, and the necessary voltages for the XADC. The I/O Carrier Card speeds prototype and evaluation of MicroZed and provides an excellent starting point for creating your own MicroZed carrier card.


    • General MicroZed evaluation and prototyping
    • Embedded system-on-module (SOM) applications
    • Test & measurement


    • Xilinx PC4 header for download/debug
    • Accesses PL JTAG, access to 80 user I/O, one connected to PS MIO
    • Twelve Digilent Pmod™ compatible interfaces
    • Two connected to bank 13 (supported with 7Z020 MicroZed only)
    • Reset push button, 4 user push buttons, 2 configuration push buttons
    • 8 user LEDs, 4 user DIP switches, 2 status LEDs, Xilinx AMS header
    • 100MHz on-board oscillator, on-board memory: 1KB 1-wire EEPROM
    • 5V connection to MicroZed and XADC, 5V barrel jack input
    • Two 1.8/2.5/3.3V at 2A regulators for MicroZed VCCIO
    • Filtered 1.8V at 0.2A regulator for XADC, 1.25V at 0.2A regulator for XADC

    Ships With

    • I/O Carrier Card
    • 5 V @ 3 A AC/DC Power Supply
    • Getting Started Card

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