Version 5


    How do you make any electronics project better? Add LEDs. How do you make it infinitely better? Add infinite LEDs! Ok, so we can’t actually add that many LEDs to a project (not to mention the mathematical impossibility), but we can bounce light around endlessly with the infinity mirror effect for a far out light show that makes for a psychedelic addition to any space. So today we’ll be making an infinity polyhedron out of addressable RGB LEDs and a 3D-printed frame.



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    DL-1501 -  Trinket Development Board, MCU, Programmable with Arduino IDE 5V, Fun and Small

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    MCCFR0W4J0391A50 -  Through Hole Resistor, 390 ohm, MCCFR0W4J Series, 250 mW, ± 5%, Axial Leaded, 250 V

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    28-19317 -  AC/DC Power Supply, 1 Output, 10 W, 5 V, 2 A PRO ELEC1Buy NowBuy Now
    368 -  Connector Adapter, 1 Positions, Jack, 2 PositionsADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    1612 -  Mini PCB, NeoPixel, Pack of 5ADAFRUIT3Buy NowBuy Now