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    • FMC Carrier Card For MicroZed Evaluation Kit
    • FMC Carrier Card For MicroZed Evaluation Kit


    The FMC Carrier Card supports the MicroZed Evaluation Kit and System-on-Module (SOM), providing easy access to the full 108 user I/O available from the MicroZed SOM. Two 100-pin MicroHeaders on the carrier card mate with the MicroZed, connecting 75 of the MicroZed Programmable Logic (PL) I/O to a low-pin-count Vita 57 FPGA Mezzanine Connector (FMC) interface. The remaining MicroZed I/O are connected to various FMC Carrier Card features, including push button switches, LEDs, EEPROMs, and five Digilent Pmod compatible interfaces. The FMC Carrier Card also generates the necessary power rails for MicroZed, providing 5 V to the MicroZed core and a user selectable bank voltage for the PL I/O and FMC Vadj. The FMC Carrier Card accelerates complex prototyping by interconnecting a MicroZed SOM and industry-standard FMC Modules.


    • Zynq evaluation and prototyping
    • FMC prototyping (see
    • Industrial automation
    • Test & measurement
    • Motor control
    • Machine vision


    • Interfaces
      • FMC LPC (72 differential, 4 SE)
      • Xilinx PC4 Header for programming
        • Accesses PL JTAG
      • 5 Digilent Pmod™ compatible interfaces
        • One connected to PS MIO
        • Two connected to Bank 13 PL (7Z020 only)
        • One connected to Bank 34 PL
        • One connected to Bank 35 PL
      • Two 100-pin MicroHeaders for MicroZed insertion
      • Reset Push Button (SYS_RST#)
      • 2 User Push Buttons
      • 2 Configuration Push Buttons (POR# & INIT#)
      • 4 User LEDs
      • 2 Status LEDs (DONE & PWR)
      • 1 slide switch for main power
    • On-board Memory:
      • 2 Kbit EUI-48 MAC ID EEPROM
      • 1Kbit 1-wire SHA EEPROM (optional - default not populated)
    • Power
      • On Board
        • High-efficiency regulator for 5.0V @ 3A
          • For MicroZed SOM module
        • High-efficiency regulator for 3.3V @ 3A
          • For FMC connection
        • High-efficiency regulator Vadj for 1.8V/2.5V/3.3V @ 4A
          • For MicroZed SOM VCCIO Bank_34, Bank_35, and Bank_13 and also FMC VADJ
    • Wall Adapter
      • Primary 12V ≥ 5.0A, 2x3 connector
        • NOTE: not an ATX compatible power supply

    Ships With

    • FMC Carrier Card
    • 12 V @ 5 A AC/DC Power Supply with international power cords
    • MicroZed mounting hardware
    • Quick Start Card

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