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    Recreating the Atari Portfolio

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    An actual Movie Star visits Clem's Bunker. He appeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and saved the world by helping John Connor hack an ATM. The Atari Portfolio, the smallest fully MS-DOS compatible Laptop ever made. Clem recreates this beloved device in a modern form using a Beaglebone Black Wireless and a touchscreen to build an ultra portable modern Linux computer - with the classic ATARI look.



    Supplemental Content:


    BBB - Rechargeable on-board battery system


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    BeagleBone Capacitive Touch Cape, LED Backlight

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    BeagleBone Black Wireless, Sitara AM335x MPU ARM MCU

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    Grey PLA Filament for Robox  3D Printer

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    3D Printer Filament, Blue

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