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    Arduino Weather Station from Wesley Gardner - Gam3T3ch

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    In today's episode we'll be building and checking out the Microduino WiFi Weather StationMicroduino WiFi Weather Station. The build it yourself Microduino Weather Station reads and displays temperature, air humidity, light intensity, dangerous gas levels, and air quality levels with the PM2.5 sensor. This is displayed on the OLED Display or can be accessed wirelessly over WiFi with the use of a connected device such as a smart phone or a tablet. The kit contains everything needed to make the Microduino WiFi weather station.


    This includes everything from the electronic hardware for the embedded processor, the Core+ module, to the various sensors.  Also included are precision laser cut enclosure pieces to house the electronic hardware. The open source code is provided and can be modified for personal customization.


    Let us know what you think about Microduino WiFi Weather Station Kit in the comments below!