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    Merry Boxes & LEDs

    Enter Your Project for a chance to win a Maker Tool Kit, an Oscilloscope Grand Prize for the project that brings the Most Joy to the Heart, and Gift to Gives!

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    The Grand Prize

    Gift to Keep: Ben Heck's Oscilloscope
    Gift to Give: A Home Lab Tool Bundle

    3 First Place Winners

    Gift to Keep: A Maker Tool Bundle + $100 Shopping Cart
    Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart

    Build a Festive Project that brings Mirth and Merry to the Community!


    You can use Music, LED Displays, Nixie Pixels, Strobe Lights, a Fog Machine, or Anything Else that Puts You into a Celebratory Mood!


    The Project that brings the Most Joy to the Heart Wins an Oscilloscope!


    In the Comments Below: 


    Inspire Us with Your Holiday Project Ideas!



    This holiday season,  Project14 will be holding our second annual holiday special project competition.  We asked you what you wanted this to be in Project14 | Holiday Special Poll: What Projects are You Interested in Doing? and it was a two way tie between Merry Boxes & LED Displays and Holiday for a Cause.  You're free to pursue any of the ideas discussed and enter your project into the contest.  The official theme is Merry Boxes & LEDs .  We're asking the community members to spread mirth and merry through electronics projects that bring joy to the heart through music or really cool LED displays!


    In addition to an Oscilloscope grand prize for the project that brings the most joy to the heart, an Oscilloscope targeted toward educational (Ben loved carrying it from the shop to work from home), you will receive a Home Lab Tool Kit as a Gift to Give for another member's project..  Three first place winners will receive a maker tool kit bundle along with a $100 shopping cart as well as a $100 shopping cart to give to another member for their projects.  All Gift to Gives can be given to any member that submitted a project in any Project14 contest happening around the holiday special including: Merry Boxes & LEDs, Wearable Tech, or Back to Analog.  Don't worry, we'll give you an opportunity to Meet the Projects to help you pick a member should you win.  Also,  check out our Deck Your Bench with an Engineer and Maker's Wish List to check out some more cool stuff that would great on your bench!


    On Valentine's Day, we'll show the world how much heart the community has with a Gifts to Give Winners Announcement!  We know that not all of you celebrate Christmas,  so we want to make sure everyone is included with the holiday special. If there is a holiday project other than a Christmas Project that you want to celebrate feel free to enter that into the holiday contest. For instance, it could be a Hanukkah project, a Winter Solstice project, a Kwanzaa project,  or a Festivus for the rest of us project:



    Key Dates:


    Competition Opens:3rd December 2018
    Competition Closes:14th January 2019
    Winners Announcement:5th February 2019
    Gifts to Give Announced:14th February 2019


    Inspiration for the Holidays:


    The holidays are a time to spend around family and friends you make your family:



    For adding light to darkness and bringing joy to those around you



    Reconnect with those long forgotten or you've lost touch with:



    Nothing brings people together like music so make this holiday season rock:



    The Grand Prize

    Grand Prize: An Oscilloscope from Ben Heck!                                                         
    Your Gift to Keep:  Rohde & Schwartz RTB2004 Oscilloscope
    Your Gift to Give: A Home Lab Tool Kit
    Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
    Value: approx. $2000Value: approx. $325

    A Gift from Ben Heck:  Episode 311: Oscilloscope Throwdown


    The Rohde & Schwartz RTB2004 features four channels, universal knobs, a touch screen, fast boot up, rtos - a real-time operating system that's open source, lots of memory to allow you to capture a "wider" event such as an entire frame of a video signal, triggers on video where it finds, not just a low pulse because the video is an analog signal, but it looks for the specific stair-stepping that indicates that it’s the edge of an NTSC line and it can sync to it.

    Gift a Home Lab Kit to a Member for Any Project Submitted in:


    Your Gift to Give Includes: Heat Shrink TubingHeat Shrink Tubing, Bench Power SupplyBench Power Supply, Bench Digital MultimeterBench Digital Multimeter, Soldering StationSoldering StationClamp Tool with MagnifierClamp Tool with Magnifier, Storage CabinetStorage Cabinet

    3 First Place Winners


    Your Gift to Keep: A Maker Tool Kit Bundle and a $100 Shopping Cart!
    Your Gift to Give: A $100 Shopping Cart!
    Buy NowBuy NowHow to Redeem Your Shopping Cart for Project14
    Maker Tool Kit Bundle (~$225) + $100 Shopping Cart

    Your Gift to Give: $100 Shopping Cart to any of our stores!

    3 First Place Winners Receive a $100 Shopping Cart and a Maker Kit Bundle!


    Your Maker Tool Kit Gift to Keep: Handheld Digital MultimeterHandheld Digital Multimeter, Mini Side CutterMini Side Cutter, Wire StripperWire Stripper, TweezersTweezers, Screwdriver SetScrewdriver Set, Soldering IronSoldering Iron, Solder WireSolder Wire, Solder SuckerSolder Sucker, Hard Jumper WireHard Jumper WireWrist Guard Static protectionWrist Guard Static protection, BreadboardBreadboard, Carrying CaseCarrying Case, Handheld Power SupplyHandheld Power Supply, Green, Red LEDGreen, Red LED, ResistorsResistors.

    Visit the following spaces and pick the project you like best to gift a $100 shopping cart to another member:


    Your Chance to Win


    Come Up With a Clever Name
    Stick to the Theme
    • A clever name can make your project memorable.
    • The right name can distinguish your project from others and help create buzz around your project.
    • This project is your baby! Part of the fun of bringing something new into the world is coming up with a name.
    • If you have an idea for a project that doesn't fit the current theme then submit your idea in the comments section of the monthly poll.
    Be Original
    Submit Video Proof
    • Providing the steps you took to complete your project (text, video, or images) and providing video proof should be sufficient in most cases.
    • If your project introduces something new or something that is not commercially available or affordable then that counts!
    • If it doesn't work that's fine, this program is more about the journey than the end product.
    • A short video is all that is required but you can shoot as much video as you like.
    • You are encouraged to be creative and have as much fun as possible!



    Your Project Examples


    The Holiday Special: Merry Boxes & LEDs
    Desktop Christmas Tree Cotton LED star with Digispark module



    Merry Boxes & LEDs
    Infinity Living Christmas Wreath LED fade in/out effect

    Merry Boxes & LEDs
    Cubik Lamp DIY LED Ferris Wheel


    Merry Boxes & LEDs
    FLiP Connected X-Mas Ornament part III - complete Mini LED Christmas Tree


    Your Project, Your Ideas!



    About Project14

    Every month you'll have a new poll where you'll get to decide an upcoming project competition, based on your interests, that will take place a couple of months in advance. Themes are broad in scope so that everyone can participate regardless of skill set.


    What are Monthly Themes?

    • Every month (around the 14th of each month) a new theme will be posted on Project14.
    • Submit your ideas (proposals) for your projects to get feedback from the rest of the community.
    • Submit a project entry in the Theme space once you start working on it.


    What are Monthly Theme Polls?

    • Every month (around the 14th of each month) there is a project theme poll.
    • Vote on which project competition you want to see for the following upcoming theme.
      • The themes voted on during the previous poll decided the upcoming theme.
      • If you submit an idea for a theme that is not used then it can still be used in a future poll.
    • Themes comments and ideas from the comments section of the project theme poll.

    Step 1: Log in or register on element14, it's easy and free.

    Step 2: Post in the comments section below to begin a discussion on your idea. Videos, pictures and text are all welcomed forms of submission.

    Step 3: Submit a blog post of your progress on your project by the end of the month.  You are free to submit as many blog entries as you like until the beginning of the next theme.


    Be sure to include video proof of your project!


    Visit: Merry Boxes & LEDs


    and click on Submit an Entry or tag your project blog with merryboxesledCH.


    You have until January 15th, 12:00 AM CDT to submit your completed project!


    A jury consisting of your peers will judge project submissions!


    Build a Festive Project that brings Mirth and Merry to the Community!


    You can use Music, LED Displays, Nixie Pixels, Strobe Lights, a Fog Machine, or Anything Else that Puts You into a Celebratory Mood!


    The Project that brings the Most Joy to the Heart Wins an Oscilloscope!


    In the Comments Below:


    Inspire Us with Your Holiday Project Ideas!