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    Your Application Begins with Farnell element14


    Farnell element14 stocks and sells a wide assortment of single board computers (SBCs) and development boards, as well as HATs, shields, capes and accessories to extend their functionality.


    Single Board Computers

    An SBC is defined as a “complete computer on a board”. It features an operating system, inputs and outputs, a microprocessor, and memory. More often than not, the board has no moving parts, such as a fan, making it very reliable. An SBC is a great solution where a project requires the capability of a full computer, but with a smaller footprint. Industrial applications vary, but examples include IoT applications, kiosk and training displays, process and control automation, and many more. The need for these boards continues to grow, as more and more projects revolve around SBCs and dev boards. Following this need, the selection in the market is also rapidly expanding. Navigating the world of these boards can be intimidating. Use this guide to help identify the best solution on which to base your industrial project.