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    Welcome to the Sixth Sense Design Challengers Page!

    Our Sixth Sense Design Challenge in collaboration with STMicroelectronics and TE Connectivity has now launched.  The 10 selected Challengers will use the the ST SensorTile Develpment Kit, STM32 Nucleo-64 and set of sensor components from TE. The Challengers are tasked with using the provided kit and other components to give a Sixth Sense to their robotic vehicles. These Challengers will receive a Challenger Kit for FREE.


    Please join us in congratulating the official sponsored Challengers.  We look forward to reading all your initial blogs introducing your project designs.

    Cheah Wei Leow | Md. Kamrul Hussain | UAV Research & Design Group | Udhay M | Cris Thomas | Douglas Wong | Rod | Utkarsh Sharma | ANURAG GUPTA | Karthick Kumar Reddy G

    Cheah Wei Leow

    Penang, Malaysia

    Project: Automatic Weeding Robot

    Synopsis: Cheah will be building a simple wheeled robot that will hunt and chop up weeds, instead of having to do it with scissors on their hands and knees.

    Cheah's project blogs

    Md. Kamrul Hussain


    Project: Semi-Automatic Fire Fighting Robot

    Synopsis: Kamrul will be building a 'Semi Automatic Fire Fighting Robot' which will have flame sensors to detect the position of the fire and can also be controlled wirelessly.

    Kamrul's project blogs

    UAV Research & Design Group


    Project: UAV System for Industrial Inspection.

    Synopsis: The UAV Research & Design Group will be combining their efforts and the parts in our kit list to create their own Industrial Survey Drone.

    UAV Research & Design Group's project blogs

    Udhay M


    Project: Waste Plastic Scavanger

    Synopsis: Udhay is creating a smart plastic waste collection bot, to help them recycle plastic scattered in the wild.

    Udhay M's project blogs

    Cris Thomas


    Project: Disaster Search and Rescue

    Synopsis: Cris will be building a high speed search and rescue vehicle to help search for survivors after flood and natural disasters.

    Cris's project blogs

    Douglas Wong


    Project: 3 Wheeled Printer Bot.

    Synopsis: Doug is creating a 3 wheeled bot which will spray paint or water to give a printed output of where it has been and the conditions encountered.

    Doug's project blogs



    Project: R2B4

    Synopsis: Rod is creating a bot which takes the manual out of manual labor. He will build a bot which will help users mix concrete from piles of materials without getting wet or messy.

    Rod's project blogs

    Utkarsh Sharma


    Project: Smart ATV

    Synopsis: Utkarsh is creating a smart All Terrain Vehicle using the parts provided. This vehicle will carry sensors for feedback on direction, GPS, Heat Measurement on the engine, brake pad sensors and more. Utkarsh's project blogs

    Anurag Gupta


    Project: Homebrew Bomb Detection Robot

    Synopsis: Anurag will be creating a cheaper and more accessible Bomb Detection Robot for developing countries dealing with Improvised Explosive Devices .

    Anurag's project blogs

    Karthick Kumar Reddy G


    Project: Adding Predictive maintenance to Machinery

    Synopsis: Karthick is creating a device which will move to industrial areas and areas of human danger to run predictive maintenance tests on heavy machinery.

    Katick's project blogs

    Interested in joining the Challengers? You can do it as a non-sponsored Challenger! Here's how:

    Simply get some items from the Sixth Sense Design Challenge: The Kit , integrate it into your project, and post 10 blogs about your design journey in the Sixth Sense space Sixth Sense Design Challenge and you'll be eligible to win the awesome prizes.


    Read full terms & conditions for more details.

    Good Luck Everyone!