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    4D Gaming with the MATRIX Creator

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    Sean and Connor from Raising Awesome have been looking for a project that would establish a full suite of PCB Eagle Design Blocks and IoT code for a multitude of platforms for future projects.  Then, Connor burned through all his lawn mowing money on an Oculus Rift.  Using it gave them an idea - what if instead of going into the game world, the game comes to our world!  So, they set out to build their most ambitious IoT build to date - the 4D IoT Game Engine.  .


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    MATRIX Creator

    2Buy NowBuy Now

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    1Buy NowBuy Now
    Arduino MKR1000 Without Pin Headers1Buy NowBuy Now
    Breakout Board, ESP8266 Wifi Module, Serial Transceiver, 1MB Flash 5Buy NowBuy Now
    General Purpose Relay, SRM Series, Power, Non Latching, SPDT, 5 VDC, 10 A3Buy NowBuy Now
    Linear Voltage Regulator, Fixed, Positive, 7.5V To 35V In, 5V And 1A Out, TO- 220-35Buy NowBuy Now
    Linear Voltage Regulators, Fixed, 5.3V To 25V In, 3.3V And 0.5A Out, TO- 220-35Buy NowBuy Now
    Optocoupler, Transistor Output, 1 Channel, DIP, 4 Pins, 50 mA, 5 kV, 50 %1Buy NowBuy Now
    Bipolar (BJT) Single Transistor, NPN, 30 V, 100 MHz, 625 mW, 800 mA, 100 hFE 5Buy NowBuy Now
    Standard Recovery Diode, General Purpose, 400 V, 1 A, Single, 1.1 V, 30 A5Buy NowBuy Now
    MOSFET Transistor, P Channel, 7 A, -60 V, 0.41 ohm, -10 V, -4 V5Buy NowBuy Now
    Prototyping Board, Small PC, 25 Rows2Buy NowBuy Now
    Prototype Board, Phenolic, 1.6 mm, 72 mm, 47 mm2Buy NowBuy Now
    STRIPBOARD, FR2, 100X160MM2Buy NowBuy Now
    Jumper Wire Kit, Multicolor, 2 mm - 125 mm, 22 AWG, 350 Piece 2Buy NowBuy Now
    Motor Driver/Controller, Half-H, 4.5V to 36V supply, 36V/600 mA/4 Outputs, DIP- 162Buy NowBuy Now