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    Capacitor Replacement on a Commodore 64 - A Lesson in Through-Hole Soldering

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    Need to rework through-hole components? Check out this Weller WX-Series soldering gear. It includes a 120 Watt de-soldering iron (WXDP120), 65 Watt (WXP65) iron, and a larger 120 Watt (WXP120) iron. James re-caps a Commodore 64 with the help of this WXR3 soldering system. It takes no time to remove components like capacitors and swap them in with modern replacements. As a bonus, he ends the video by re-working a Raspberry Pi to have a socket header instead of pins!

    WX3 Pump On/Off Delay

    In the video, James mentions the WXR3 has a user-configurable pump delay-off and delay-on time setting. His suggestion was to automate the desoldering process. An additional reason for the pump-on delay is to prevent clogging the WXDP 120. A delay-off time of a few seconds ensures that all of the molten solder is sucked into the glass tube before the pump shuts off. Without the delay-off, solder could become trapped in the tool leading to a clogged condition.



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    Weller Soldering Tools

    WXR3001N Station Bundle (WXR3, WXP65, WXDP120, etc.)

    Weller1Buy NowBuy Now

    WXR3 Base Station

    Weller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WXP65 - 65W IronWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WXP120WXP120 - 120W IronWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WXDP120 - 120W De-Soldering ToolWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    ZERO SMOG EL FilterWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    Soldering Supplies
    De-Soldering Wick 484-2 (0.05")American Beauty1Buy NowBuy Now
    No Clean Flux PenKester1Buy NowBuy Now
    SnPb Solder 0.02" Rosen Core (SPC22130)Duratool1Buy NowBuy Now
    IPA Wipes (8421-WX25)MG Chemicals1Buy NowBuy Now
    Other Tools Used
    Handheld DMM (72-7780)Tenma1Buy NowBuy Now
    PCB HolderPanavise1Buy NowBuy Now
    5 Piece Plier Set (1PK-5015)Duratool1Buy NowBuy Now
    4 Piece ABS Magnetic Storage Trays (D03162)Duratool1Buy NowBuy Now
    GPIO Socket Strip [SSW-120-01-F-D]Samtec1Buy NowBuy Now
    Raspberry Pi 3 B+Raspberry-Pi1Buy NowBuy Now
    C64 Capacitors - Partial List
    100nF Radial Ceramic Replacements (Decoupling) [K104K15X7RF5TH5]Vishay50Buy NowBuy Now
    10uF 25V Polymer Electorlytics (Decoupling) [A758BG106M1EAAE070]KEMET25Buy NowBuy Now
    Bulk Capacitor #1 (16V) [A750MS477M1EAAE015]KEMET1Buy NowBuy Now
    Bulk Capacitor #2 (12V) [A750MS477M1EAAE015]KEMET1Buy NowBuy Now
    Bulk Capacitor #3 (5V) [RNL1C222MDS1]Nichicon1Buy NowBuy Now
    Bulk Capacitor #4 [A750EK107M1CAAE018]KEMET1Buy NowBuy Now



    Additional Parts:


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    Thermal Paste