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    Even with high-quality genuine tips from a brand like Weller,  your tip does not last forever. These 5 useful tips address common soldering iron maintenance questions. Answer questions like: should soldering iron tips last forever? And, which is better for soldering, a wet sponge or a brass sponge?


    A big thank you to the Video Content Producers (VCPs). As I said in the video, I only gave them a few days to record the questions and send them to me. I am super excited to include the following producers in this episode.


    (In order of Appearance)


    * Matt Eargle: VCP Biography: AirborneSurfer - Matt Eargle


    * Clemens Mayer: VCP Biography: Clem


    * David Edwards VCP Biography: David Edwards


    *Dave Ploeger: VCP Biography: Dave


    * Adam Soileau


    Bill of Materials


    PartBuy KitBuy Kit
    Weller Soldering Tools


    Weller1Buy NowBuy Now

    WXP65 - 65W Iron

    Weller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WXP120WXP120 - 120W IronWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WX65 Tips
    XNT 1S - Round 0.2mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    XNT A - Chisel 1.6mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    XNT B - Chisel 2.4mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    XNT H - Chisel 0.8mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    T0054487499 - 45deg Chisel 1.2mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WX120 Tips
    XT AL - Chisel 1.6mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    T0054471399 - Chisel 0.8mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    XT D - Chisel 4.6mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WXMP Tip
    RT6MS - Sloped 2.2mmWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    Soldering Supplies
    SnPb Solder 0.02" Rosen Core (SPC22130)Duratool1Buy NowBuy Now
    Solder Wire, 96.5/3/0.5, 0.3mm Diameter, 221°C, No Clean (T0051388199) Weller1Buy NowBuy Now
    Solder Wire, 96.5/3/0.5, 0.8mm Diameter, 221°C, 250g, HF (T0051388799)Weller1Buy NowBuy Now
    WPB1 - Soldering tip Polishing BarWeller1Buy NowBuy Now
    Soldering Tip Tinner/ActivatorWeller1Buy NowBuy Now