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    The Xybernaut Mobile Assistant was one of the earliest attempts at wearable computers--way back in the 1990s! It was an interesting feat of engineering for the time, but technological limitations, a high price tag, and contemporary interface design conventions stood in the way of mainstream success. Matt ran across one of the later models--the MAIV--that was dead-on-arrival, but wanted to add it to his retro computer collection. So with very little documentation available (The Xybernaut corporation went bust in the early 2000s after several commercial flops and some financial chicanery), he tore it down to see what powered it and set about to rebuild it with modern components. Was the Xybernaut a viable platform in hindsight? Is Minesweeper playable on a 2" head-mounted display? Why didn't arm-mounted keyboards catch on? These and more questions will be answered in this week's element14 Presents!


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    PartManufacturerQuantityBuy KitBuy Kit

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+, Starter Kit

    element141Buy NowBuy Now

    D Sub Connector, DB15, 15 Contacts, Plug, Solder, DA, AMPLIMITE HDP-20 Series, Steel Body

    D Sub Connector, DB15, 15 Contacts, Receptacle, Solder, DA, D Series, Metal BodyAMPHENOL ICC (FCI)1Buy NowBuy Now
    D Sub Backshell, Diecast, Rapid Assembly, Shielded, MHDM Series, DA, 180°, Zinc BodyMH CONNECTORS1Buy NowBuy Now
    USB Cable, USB Type A Plug, Micro USB Type B Plug, 152.4 m, 6 ", USB 2.0, BlackSTELLAR LABS COMPUTER PLUS1Buy NowBuy Now
    1.8 Color TFT LCD display with MicroSD Card Breakout - ST7735RADAFRUIT 1Buy NowBuy Now
    Development Board, AdaFruit Feather, ATmega32u4, Prototyping AreaADAFRUIT1Buy NowBuy Now
    Tactile Switch, B3F Series, Top Actuated, Through Hole, Plunger for Cap, 260 gf, 50mA at 24VDCOMRON ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS2Buy NowBuy Now
    Toggle Switch, On-On, SPDT, Non Illuminated, 1MS1T1B1M1 Series, 5 A, Panel MountMULTICOMP1Buy NowBuy Now


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    Product Name

    ADAFRUIT Thumb joystick (x1)

    Xybernaut MAIV Computer platform (x1)