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    Wearable Tech

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    There's still time to submit your Wearable Tech project!


    Build tech into costumes, accessibility objects, fashion accessories, everyday clothing, and more!


    Submit your project from now until anytime on January 14th to have your project featured here!


    The Projects:


    Smart Shopping Bag by anupash.1002 :


    Smart Shopping Bag







    Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1 by milosrasic98 :


    Smart Bluetooth Gloves



    ledog - Light Emitting Dog by 14rhb:


    ledog - Light Emitting Dog



    UV Exposure Badge by Workshopshed:


    UV Exposure Badge



    The Thinking Cap by ntewinkel:


    The Thinking Cap



    Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle by vlasov01:


    Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle


    Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag  by snidhi:


    Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag


    'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch by dixonselvan :


    'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch


    Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech! by vimarsh_:


    Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech!