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    Rotocell - The Rotary Cell Phone of the Future!

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    Tired of touchscreens? Touch tone phones a bit too modern for your tastes? Join DJ today as he builds a DIY cell phone that incorporates the mechanism of a rotary phone from 1957. Using a minimum of components and a maximum of grit, follow along as he builds a device from an alternate timeline.


    Bill of Material:



    Fona Feather

    Adafruit1Buy NowBuy Now

    GSM Antenna

    Adafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    8 Ohm SpeakerVisaton1Buy NowBuy Now
    Electret MicrophoneMulticomp1Buy NowBuy Now
    1200 mAh LiPo BatteryAdafruit1Buy NowBuy Now
    Pushbutton SwitchGrayhill2Buy NowBuy Now
    Latching Pushbutton SwitchE-Switch1Buy NowBuy Now
    8x2 Character OLED Display Vishay 1Buy NowBuy Now
    3D Filament Verbatim 1Buy NowBuy Now


    Additional Parts:


    Product Name

    (20) M2.5 x 10 Screw

    Rotary Phone Mechanism

    1/16” Aluminum Plate

    (2x) M2 x 6 Screw