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    Each month, we're going to shine a light on a kit or accessory that you can use to enhance your micro:bit projects. This month our featured product is the Totem Crab, developed by BinaryBots.


    BinaryBots Totem Crab

    What is it?


    A sophisticated 'smart toy' from Binary Bots, Totem Crab is a 150+ piece robot kit suitable for young coders who have advanced beyond the more rudimentary building and coding packages. Built around a specially designed sensor board, the Totem Crab can be brought to life with code and programmed to respond to human touch and imitate the instincts of a real animal.




    • Innovative 'Totem Mechanics' design allows for stronger, simpler and more adaptable constructions
    • Two unique capacitive touch sensor strips for 'poke and stroke' interface
    • 4 addressable multi-colour LEDs
    • Light sensor and buzzer
    • Vibramotor for haptic feedback
    • Also available in Totem Spider and Totem Tortoise designs


    Kit Contents


    • 150+ piece kit containing everything you need to construct the Totem Crab
    • Unique motorised 'crab pincer'
    • Powerful BinaryBots sensor board
    • BBC micro:bit power and interface board
    • Totem Screwdriver
    • Detailed instruction manual




    • 1x BBC micro:bit (sold separately)


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    Have you used the BinaryBots Totem Crab at home or in the classroom? Share your thoughts on this month's featured accessory in the comments section below...