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    Congratulations to  ntewinkel  for The Thinking Capmilosrasic98  for Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1, and Workshopshed for UV Exposure Badge!  You are the Winners of the Wearable Tech competition from Project14!


    "Wearable technology will tell us how well we are sleeping and whether we need to exercise. Sensors in the street will help us avoid traffic jams and find parking. Telemedicine applications will allow physicians to treat patients who are hundreds of miles away." - John T. Chambers, former executive chairman and CEO of Cisco Systems

    "From wearable sensors to video game treatments, everyone seems to be looking to technology as the next wave of innovation for mental health care." - Thomas Insel, American neuroscientist and psychiatrist who led the National Institute of Mental Health from 2002 until November 2015.

    "Google's done a super good job on search; Apple's done a great job on the IPod." - Bill Gates, American business magnate, investor, author, philanthropist, humanitarian, and founder of Microsoft Corporation.


    The Wearable Tech  competition from Project14 was to build your own wearable tech, such as wearable tech in costumes, accessibility objects, fashion accessories, everyday clothing, and more!  To make things more fun we even through in some PocketBeagles for anyone that used one in a wearable project that they did.  This produced some really exciting projects including UV Exposure Badge by WorkshopshedSaving Sleep with PocketBeagle by vlasov01Smart Shopping Bag by anupash.1002, and Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech! by vimarsh_ vimarsh_  It was a really great batch of BeagleBoard projects and we suggest you check them out.


    The first place winners included a The Thinking Cap to keep ntewinkel focused on his thoughts when trying to get work done (a suggestion from his wife), Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1 by milosrasic98 to help make the everyday commute easier when its cold and snowy, and UV Exposure Badge by Workshopshed which used a PocketBeagle to log UV exposure.  Wearable are exciting and they can truly transform the world around you like they did for these people:



    Without further adieu here are your winners....



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    The Winners

    The First Place Winners


    The Thinking Cap by ntewinkel:


    ntewinkel suffers from the occasional trouble of focusing thoughts when trying to get work done.  For example, it's been hard keeping up with all of these element14 challenges, while thoughts were so scattered.  So his wife thought of a solution: The Thinking Cap!  This project has been on their list for quite a few years, as a nice fun thing to create together. The main idea of the build was to have something quite techy/nerdy mad-scientist looking, with lots of wires, circuits, and of course flashing LEDs. The colander makes for the perfect hat-like starting point and provides a really nice silvery electronic-like base.    This was a family project!  Charlie Kat supervised, while Linus (his other cat) stayed safely out of the way in the back window.


    The Thinking Cap

    "This projects is quite different from all the other entries: it is a quirky project, which conjugates technology and creativity, to remind us that working with electronics can also be just for fun!" - Community Member Judge

    "This was a fun project that utilised family members and recycled components that embodies the ideology of the Project14 competition." - Community Member Judge



    "This project is the testimonial that sometimes a crazy idea needs a cap built thank to a crazy idea. Very appreciated the building with "poor" stuff and a great result. Lights and sounds. Nico should wear his device for his next projects!" - Community Member Judge

    "Original and funny.  I am always a fan of that." - Community Member Judge


    Also on Project14 from ntewinkel :


    Smart Bluetooth Gloves V1 by milosrasic98 :


    For this competition milosrasic98 wanted to design and make something that he would actually be using on a daily basis. His idea, Smart Bluetooth Gloves,  and here is how that idea came to life. Since it's winter, it got pretty cold and snowy where he lives. His daily commute includes a fair bit of walking plus public transport so he uses earphones for listening to music or audiobooks. All the cold weather means wearing gloves while changing songs or adjusting the volume has become a hassle.  His jacket is covering the pocket where his phone is, the earphone button is deep inside his jacket and so on. Plus trying to get the phone out on icy surfaces can go wrong real fast. So he made a pair of smart gloves that could communicate via Bluetooth with his phone. The basic Idea is having a pair of gloves for the simplest of functions such as to play/pause songs, skip to the next or previous song, turn volume up ordown, and answering calls. and easily answer calls. He goes through concept, prototypes and testing.  In the end he's left with something he plans on using on a daily basis.


    Smart Bluetooth Gloves

    "The project shows a very clever way of using hall sensors to provide a simple hand gesture interface. I like the way the project has been developed and its potential for further improvements." - Community Member Judge

    "I liked this one because of the quality of the blog that stepped the reader through the build process, from the initial selection of the technology through to a working model, that would be a good building block for other uses." - Community Member Judge



    "This was the clear leader in my opinion.  It has real world potential beyond what was demonstrated and was complete with a working demo, code, and circuit." - Community Member Judge


    UV Exposure Badge by Workshopshed:


    This uses the PocketBeagle to log the UV exposure using an ML851 UV Sensor.  It can be used to indicate a warning or send a message to a phone when the levels are too high for too long. The ML8511 produces an output voltage proportional to the UV level, so he needed to use one of the PocketBeagle's ADC pins to record the level. The PocketBeagle has 6 pins that take 0-1.8v and 2 that can take upto 3v, so he needed to use one of the later pins. The chip also has an "enable" pin which needs to be set high before a reading is taken.


    UV Exposure Badge

    "This is a beautifully simple project which offers a range of applications, the most important being related to skin health monitoring (skin cancer prevention springs to mind). This is where wearable tech is at its best." - Community Member Judge

    "The project is complete and very well documented, around an original idea. This project is intriguing as it involves a considerable match that has been approach with the needed simplifications due the use of a micro controller without penalising the trustability of the device. It is appreciated if the author can provide in future some more test wearing the prototype in several conditions of UV exposition (in this period it is not so easy in his part of the world )" - Community Member Judge




    "UV expousre is a growing concern and this project is a great approach to addressing this concern." - Community Member Judge


    Also on Project14 by Workshopshed

    The Runners Up

    Runners Up


    The following projects each received votes from our judges...


    Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle by vlasov01:


    Sergey recently read the book Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. It covers many aspects of why sleep is very important for our health and factors related to its quality. Reduced amount of sleep can significantly degrade health, memory, productivity, athletic performance and quality of life. Exposure to light and specifically to blue spectrum of the light before the sleep is reducing amount of sleep hormone (melatonin) and making harder to fell asleep and as result can reduce time we have for sleep. He wanted to start measuring his exposure to blue light over the day. Over holiday season he had some extra time, so he decided to build a wearable device that can log sensor data, monitor blue light exposure and alert me if its level too high and potentially can prevent normal sleep, especially at time close to sleep.


    Saving Sleep with PocketBeagle

    "Sleep is a very important aspect of well being and light exposure does effect our sleep. This project allows the user to monitor this exposure and make informed choices to maximize sleep." - Community Member Judge

    "The project demonstrated originality and had a working demo.  It would be interesting to see follow-up with additional variables like color of light, etc." - Community Member Judge




    'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch by dixonselvan :


    This is 'WatchAble' - a wearable watch capable of doing cool things! It has been developed using wear:it development kit from micro:bit. The name of this project is the combination of the words 'Watch' and 'capAble'. The wear:it development kit has a strap which helps us to wear the micro:bit inside a case as a watch. Though currently there is no option to display time which is the expected out of watch, he'll integrate it at a later point of time. For now, this is capable of performing the functionalities explained in the video below.


    'WatchAble' - The Smart Wear:it Watch

    "I particularly liked this one as it was an extension of a previous project showing how an initial concept can be adapted and improved upon and came up with a great project name and quality video." - Community Member Judge

    "IMO this is one of the few projects in the ocean of IoT prototypes that can be used in the real world. The project is well documented and the demo video is really inspiring for a lot of possible applications. A good base to interact with the environment, low cost and a lot of options. Appreciated a lot the adaptability of the prototype to different customised applications." - Community Member Judge



    Also on Project14 by dixon415:


    Honorable Mention

    Honorable Mention


    The following projects were too awesome to leave off this list of wearables....


    Smart Shopping Bag by anupash.1002 :


    The idea was to make a smart shopping bag with flexible led panel. The led panel would be sewed into fabric cloth. You could reuse a regular cloth shopping bags and utilize an HX711 Load Cell Amplifier with the Load Cell to measure the weight of things in the bag while shopping.  It display the total number of items in the bag on the led panel. The main components would be a Digital Load Cell Weight Sensor for 5KG which is also used as Portable Electronic Kitchen Scale, HX711 Weighing Sensors, a PocketBeagle Board, a re-usable cloth bag, and a pack of portable batteries.


    Smart Shopping Bag





    ledog - Light Emitting Dog by 14rhb:


    A month ago 14rhb  bought his dog a nice flashing unit to go on his collar so he could be seen in the garden or when running about late at night....he managed to chew the unit up within about 30 minutes. It also was not very bright and did not have the fun factor of being able to change the pattern. Enter "ledog" my LED for dogs. He’s using an LED and a coin cell but has also added a push switch and a microcontroller. He was trying to keep this unit as small as possible and therefore decided to use one of his PIC10F200 6-pin SOT-23 units (sneeze during assembly and you'll need to buy another  ). That was probably a bad decision as they have only 256 bytes to play about with. Therefore time to switch from the XC8 compiler back to using MPASM. His initial code effort used about 80 bytes.


    ledog - Light Emitting Dog



    Also on Project14 by 14rhb:


    Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag  by snidhi:


    snidhi  has often wondered about the small ways in which we can re-use the electronics and waste less paper. Her idea uses less bulky electronic name tags which are easily rewritable and can be re-used by re-programming the display.


    Rewritable Electronic Display Name Tag



    Also on Project14 by snidhi:


    Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech! by vimarsh_:


    Many Alzheimer patients suffer sudden shaking movements with increased heart rate. This may lead to heart stroke and further damage to the patient. To solve this problem this member wanted to make a device that can detect the instant little vibrating motions and the heart rate of a person. And for the instant processing, he needed a fast MCU that can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth so he used a PocketBeagle.


    Helping Alzeihmer Patients with tech!



    What's Happening Now


    There's always stuff going on in the community and the best ideas always come from you.  Suggest your idea in the Monthly Poll!  and vote on the themes you want to do projects on. Give your habitat a personality in our Home Automation competition. Home Automation was a hot topic at CES 2019 this year, as was Wearable Tech.  You can read about CES in element14 at CES 2019! and  CES 2019 in Vegas: A Most Excellent Adventure!  There's also still time to submit your  A Question of Scale project which closes on 14th of February.


    Home AutomationA Question of Scale
    Give Your Habitat a Personality Using Home Automation! Building a Miniature 300W Speaker Simulator

    Home Automation A Question of Scale


    The Heart Trophy: for Gift to Gives on Valentine's Day
    The Holiday Cup: Part of a New Tradition for Grand Prize Winners!

    On February 4th we'll announce the winners of our 2nd annual Holiday Special: Merry Boxes & LEDs!  There's still time to volunteer to vote in Re: Project14 | Volunteer to Judge The Holiday Special: Merry Boxes & LEDs! We encourage anyone that is interested to volunteer to judge because we want competitions to reflect the diversity of thought and opinion that makes this the best online community for engineers in the galaxy!


    Also on February 14th, the Gift to Gives on Valentine's Day tradition with a Grand Prize Gift to Give of a Home Lab Tool Kit.  There will also be 3 First Place Winners who will receive a $100 Shopping cart along with a Maker Tool Kit.  Each of the 3 First Place Winners will receive a $100 Shopping Cart as well as a Maker Tool Kit Bundle.  We'll be awarding Heart Trophy Badges to all the Gifters and Giftees involved with this year's Gift a Gives. 


    If you were a Holiday Special winner last year,  you'll also receive a Heart Trophy.  Also,  we'll introduce a Holiday Cup Trophy Badge (inspired by the Stanley Cup from NHL Hockey) to the Grand Prize Winner.  If you won a Grand Prize in any of our past competitions you'll also receive a (contest name) Cup Badge as well!  You can view a full list of (contest name) Cup winners in Project14 | Project Competition: Events, Trophies, Timetable, Projected and Historical Timelines!


    Thank you for continued support of Project14 !


    Happy Holidays! Enjoy it However You Feel Like Celebrating!


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    Be sure to Congratulate the Winners and Keep Being Awesome!