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    To celebrate the Raspberry Pi's seventh birthday, the Raspberry Pi Foundation are coordinating Raspberry Jams all over the world to take place over the Raspberry Jam Big Birthday Weekend on 2–3 March 2019.

    What are Raspberry Pi Jams?
    Raspberry Jams are independently organised community events for people to come together to learn about digital making with Raspberry Pi. Jam events come in all shapes and sizes: workshops for beginners, drop-in sessions to work on your own projects, show-and-tell, talks, and more. A Jam is a meeting of all kinds of people: some will be new to physical computing, and some will have plenty of experience that they are happy to share. Jams are welcoming events where you’ll meet and learn from like-minded people in a friendly environment.
    Find a Jam around you:

    The Raspberry Pi Foundations Map of Pi Jams around the world.


    Starting your own Raspberry Jam

    If there isn’t a Jam in your area then you could try and organise one yourself! It’s not as hard as it might sound – the trick is to start small and build from there.


    Raspberry Jam Guidebook

    We’ve gathered advice from Jam Makers about how they run their Jams and compiled it into a guidebook. It contains advice and tips on everything from finding a venue and volunteers to activities you can put on at your Jam and marketing the event too. There are handy checklists through too so you can be sure you won’t forget anything. We’re really happy to chat through any ideas you might have and provide support as you plan your jam – just get in touch:
    Download the Guide Book here: 

    Raspberry Jam Starter kits are available from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

    When you submit your event to our Jam map you can request a free Raspberry Jam starter kit. This kit contains a whole range of things to help you run your Jam and make it a fun experience for those who attend.


    The Raspberry Jam starter kit contains:

    • Three different laminated worksheets for beginners (10 of each)
    • Pi-stop traffic light boards
    • GPIO Pin labels
    • The MagPi magazine issue
    • Raspberry Pi stickers
    • Raspberry Jam stickers
    • Lanyards and badges for your volunteers