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    Hi, my name is Dave. I'm not a David. You might have heard of me as davedarko, maybe not. Yes that is in reference to that movie with the man in a bunny suit. Like any good movie, it's set in the eighties and is about time travel!

    How did I get here? Back when I started studying informatics I read this "little" tech blog. They wrote up one hardware hack a day and I was fascinated how people made (consumer) electronics do new things. Up to that point I only dabbled with LEDs, but I soon bought my first USBASP programmer and got into programming AVRs. The first time I got featured on that "little" tech blog with an AVR project was an amazing feeling. It all escalated quickly and now I'm sitting in a room that is dedicated for making things and filming my endeavors, which lead me to the Hack-Like-Heck contest and finally here!

    In my day job I'm developing, supporting and maintaining a point-of-sale system for water-skiing and wake-boarding parks - while also doing some hardware bits and 3D designs along the way. When I'm not busy working on projects after hours, I'm probably on the streets of Berlin playing Pokemon GO. Yes, people really still play that, here's my trainer code: 1013 8744 3543. I acquired a lot of handhelds over the years - but weirdly don't really play any of them, I just like consoles for the technical aspect. My favorite has to be the Game Boy pocket in the Japanese "classic color" edition.


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