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    Special Guest MATRIX Labs discuss using the MATRIX Creator in Home Automation Projects!


    Community Member Presenters sjmill01 , balearicdynamics , & gam3t3ch !


    Live Stream was on April 3rd:  Time 5:30 PM CST (10:30 PM GMT)



    The first live stream where community members present and a showcase of project videos from Project14.  MATRIX Labs discusses using the MATRIX Creator in Home Automation Birds, Enrico previews The The Dancing Birds  at the Art Exhibition, Sean Miller takes a stroll down memory lane with his R2D2 - The Force on Wheels  project, and Wesley Gardner's Arduino SD Card Audio Player & LM386 Audio Amplifier board  has a message for Project14 on its second birthday.


    Community Member Feedback:


    "I enjoyed the webinar.  Good content.  It's nice to have everyone discuss what they've created."  - ralphjy

    "Thank you Tariq, it was really nice this event. Not only the hour flew fast but - IMHO - it was incredibly nice and genuine. I have had only one feedback (a 2.00 a.m. when the live finished) by a friend - a hero of the community too, simont.arts who was awake late night to look at the show and give me feedback - and the result from the users was great. I think what all appreciated was just the freshness and originality of the event. The right mix of preparation and improvisation. I think this is another idea that will grow, another Project14 effect. We started with an experiment then become a very participated monthly constant.


    - balearicdynamics

    I liked the format and the content. Thanks for organizing it. - dougw

    I missed the live show, but I have managed to watch the recording now, and loved it. Well done, I think this initiative has a great potential! Looking forward to see more. -


    Official Trailer:



    Download the attached Inaugural Project14 Live Stream PowerPoint Below!

    MATRIX Creator Give Away: Win a MATRIX Creator for asking questions that are useful or contribute to learning!


    Discover. Learn. Share.


    MATRIX Labs will be special guests for the Learning Segment.  You shared the topics you want to discuss in Project14 | Live Stream & MATRIX Creator Giveaway: You Decide the Topics!


    Possible Areas of Discussion:


    • Using the MATRIX Creator in Home Automation Projects
    • Projects that Leverage the MATRIX Creators FPGA
    • MATRIX Creators Flexibility as a Learning Tool
    • Voice Specific Applications of the MATRIX Creator


    Special Guest Presenters


    As the Innovation Manager at MATRIX Labs, alfredgg  puts on various hats. Whether it be programming an app for our MATRIX app store, planning events, sales and business development, production and procurement, marketing and brand management, building a hardware device based off of our products, or managing our team of contributors. samreen.islam is the Community Manager at MATRIX Labs, a design enthusiast, a robotics enthusiasts, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Computer and Design Integration Minor. She's also volunteered as a mentor at Computers4Kids & The Clubhouse@C4K, where she mentored children and helped their ideas become a reality, volunteered at the Society of Women Engineers to spread awareness about women in engineering and encourage girls to pursue engineering, and volunteered at Lego Mindstorm Programs through MARS to teach robotics and programming to children at local elementary schools and the Virginia Institute of Autism.




    This will be followed by a Show & Tell Session from Community Members.


    Learn about using the MATRIX Creator in Projects:


    Be Creative. Have Fun. Entertain.


    What you do is more important than who you are.  Throughout the Live Stream we'll showcase the following Project14 projects:




    Connect. Inspire. Influence.


    Project14  is a by members, for members program.  This will be the first live stream where community members present. 


    Community Member Presenters:


    The following members of the community were selected because of their past contributions in support of the Project14 .    As this will coincide with 2nd Birthday of the Project14 program it's only fitting that our featured community presenters celebrated Open Arduino with Marshmallow Eating Poster Makes Arduino Roaster - Project 14 Birthday Blog and Arduino SD Card Audio Player & LM386 Audio Amplifier board.


    sjmill01 is a Maintenance and Reliability Engineering Team Leader in the petroleum industry. His first 20 years, were spent as a Control Systems Engineer, Chemical Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, and Maintenance and Reliability Leader in the Chemical industry. His hobby is bestowing my skill sets in programming, robotics, residential building and repair, and auto mechanics to his son with some occasional fly fishing and guitar jamming.  gam3t3ch interest in electronics blossomed in the year 1990, when he was 10 years old.  After hooking up the VCR himself, a big deal at the time, his Mom came home from work early to find the VCR in many pieces on the floor because he was curious on how it worked. He points the finger to his grandfather’s willingness to show him how things worked and how to fix them encouraged this adventure and passion for all things broken and electronic.  Since then, his love and excitement for electronics is so great, he will often visit garage sales to buy old pong systems and radios just to play with them or see how they work and fix anything broken.


    Project14  Step Climber, Finisher, Influencer & 3 x Trophy WinnerProject14 Founder, Influencer, Step Climber, Finisher, Trophy Winner, and Decider


    Also on Project14 by  sjmill01 :


    Also on Project14 by gam3t3ch :

    Project14  Founder, Mentor, Influencer, Step Climber, Finisher, Decider, and 3 x Trophy Winner


    Also on Project14 from balearicdynamics :


    Moderator & Co-Presenter


    To keep things at 45 minutes and make sure the community member presenters get to share their electronics project related story your friendly host at element14 will keep track of time, without wanting to interrupt anyone, to make sure everyone gets to have their story heard.  The goal is for everyone to walk away with an enriching experience, including novices, experts, or anyone anywhere in between!


    tariq.ahmad  runs Project14  monthly project competitions and the Arduino  program for the element14 community.  Before that he worked mostly with element14's The Ben Heck Show  team and was part of the transition team when it was rebranded element14 presents .



    Project14 Founder, Decider, and Jedi


    Raw. Unscripted. Real.




    So, what does a Project14 Live Stream look like?  It will be part educational and part entertainment, aka edutainment!  There will be video clips, it will be fast paced, and it will be set up with watchability in mind'


    It will be creative and fun, light hearted, and there will be learning involved.


    You'll learn something new while being entertained.  There's no cost to learn and be a part of the discussion!