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    Who let the smoke out?

    Clem had a custom PCB manufactured but got tripped up by some PCB design pitfalls that released the magic smoke on the first test run. Today, he shares his Top 20 Tips and Tricks to avoid common PCB design pitfalls and keep your project on track!  These beautiful PCBs were made by in Germany, but even the best manufacturer can‘t fix errors made while designing the boards.

    Share your PCB Design Tips in the comments below!

    Software used KiCad:  download at  KiCad EDA


    PCBs manufactured by Aisler in Germany A Maker run business, founded by Felix Plitzko of Freie Maker e.V.,Germany


    They also do different size batch runs for Makers like Crowdfunding campaigns, perks and Patreon rewards as well as full scale production runs.